Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Silly Season

I got that term from a friend of mine who used to work here at the library. He actually claimed it started at Halloween and lasted until New Year's Day. I can see that, but it definitely gets most intense right around now.

I just got through doing a toddler storytime and my theme this week is all the winter holidays. I show them little books about Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Years...and there might be something I am missing for all I know. I enjoy this part of the holidays...showing everything to little kids who are just getting old enough to understand the excitement.

I usually like to read How Kind! by Mary Murphy. It isn't a holiday story, but instead it talks about how when someone is nice to you, you want to be nice also. Really sweet. In addition, we watched the video of "Morris's Disappearing Bag", which even the parents seem to enjoy.

The highlight is our craft, because as a special treat they get to make an ornament with their photo. I take a Polaroid of them and let them put it in a little cardstock star shaped frame and give them stickers for decorating. I will have to move to new photo technology soon, as I'm not sure how much longer Polaroid film will be available. I tell you, I am going to miss it. The little guys (and even some of the parents) are completely fascinated by the way their image gradually appears. Most kids love getting their picture taken and the parents all really appreciate the momento. And that is how I rock the party toddler style.

I will say one thing about the little mood I've been in. It makes me sensitive, but sometimes in a good way. When things are fun or touching or sweet in some way I am really aware of it and that ache changes into a different kind of ache, which isn't so bad anymore... It's kind of hard to explain, but I assure you it all makes perfect sense in my mind :-)

Anyway, lets all try to enjoy the silly season as best we can.


Anonymous said...

Well it sounds to me as if you make Silly Season the most fun season ever! I love your creativity and I bed the kids hang on to your every word! So much fun.
I hope the ache dulls even more! Sometimes it is hard to put into words our feelings but it's a good thing that we feel and and even better thing when we notice what makes things a little easier. (Not sure if I am making sense here!) I'm just up out of bed so I'll drop you a mail later ok so we can swap Christmas cards!! :o) xxx

Tara said...

That book looks so cute! I might have to buy that for my nephews!

I can understand the sensitivity, especially around this season where miracles happen and people are more giving and kind.

- by people, I don't mean the nasties who trampled over somebody a few weeks ago at a Wal-Mart.

Churlita said...

I can turn into one sorry sap over the holidays too. I love it.

I also tried to add you as a friend on Facebook and am having a hard time finding you by the name I saw on your blog. I'll try again over lunch and see if I can finally figure it out.

laura b. said...

Daffy: I love my job :-)
You make perfect sense to me, which is why we are such good friends here!
And thanks for the email! Yay!

Tara: I love the pictures and the simple text. It's great for little, little kids.
Yeah, I don't think those people were altogether human when that was going on. Clearly the whole 'reason for the season' thing slipped their minds.

Churlita: I can do it anytime of year, with my fantastic mood swings and all. haha!
Thanks for adding me :-) Ima be all social like that!