Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sexiest Man Alive?

Hey everybody! Welcome to Wednesday where here at My Boring Life you are now required...yes Choose and Defend!

This one is gonna be for the ladies, although the lads are more than welcome to chime in. In fact, that lads are actively encouraged. You'll have an opinion, certainly! I mean if People magazine can have an opinion, so can you. This week, you get to choose between two of People magazine's sexiest men alive. For simplicity's sake I decided to go with their first pick vs. their most recent pick. Please feel more than free to disregard any personality issues you may have with these bohos. We're just using them for their looks today :-)

So, who do you Choose?

Mel Gibson (1985)


Hugh Jackman (2008)

Who wins the sexy man contest in your eyes. Choose and Defend. Girls, have fun with it if you can. Boys, I will do something more fun for you next week! I am an equal opportunity meat marketer. Thanks for playing Choose and Defend Wednesday.


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Well that is a tough one.. I like them both.. But I would have to go with Mel Gibson.. even now he would still stand out in a crowd..

Both very deserving of this honour..

Tara said...

Without a doubt, Hugh Jackman. Not only does he look good in anything, even claws, he seems to have a very approachable, friendly attitude. And I'm pretty sure he has better acting talents than Braveheart.

Churlita said...

I can never disregard personality. I wish I could. In 1985, I didn't know how anti semitic he was and I thought he was and I thought he was hot. Now all I can see is his ugly.

So, I guess I'm going with Hugh Jackman.

Anonymous said...

Hugh is a hottie! BUT where is my Mr Bacon? :o)
Laura, I hope you are ok, I've just not been about much lately on the interweb. Busy with my dad and the kids and getting ready for all the DIY my hubby starts and doesn't finish. I'm sick of tripping over bathroom pipes and wall tiles! Anyway, I just wanted to say sorry for not visiting and I would love to send you a little card for Christmas if you didn't mind. Have you got a PO address or an address where I could send one to? Just drop me an e-mail if you have, and if you don't mind. (I think I have your e-mail address so I'll drop you a line first.)

laura b. said...

Mrs: Ah, a fan of the beautiful baby blues :-)

Tara: Yes, I thought you were a Hugh fan! He does seem sweet, doesn't he?

Churlita: It is hard to disregard personality...I tried to get you to though! I gave it my best shot. Hugh for you :-)

Daffy: Your choices are very, very limited in my world :-D Hugh it is...
Of course you are busy! I understand fully and say enjoy that bursting full life!
Oh, yes, I would certainly love a Christmas card! And I'd love to send you one as well. Please email me with your address, and I'll send you mine as well. We can be old fashioned pen pals :-)

Anonymous said...

Great, well do me a little favour then and leave a comment on my blog, then this magic thing happens and I get an e-mail telling me you have left a comment and your e-mail is on it! Woot! How clever eh. :o)
Snail Mail, you can't beat it. Ahem, well actually everything can beat it but it's still lovely to get stuff other than bills and rubbish through the post.

laura b. said...

Daffy: I have a link to my email on my profile, so let me just give it to you isn't so secret after all.
Any of you are welcome to email me :-)