Monday, December 29, 2008

I Put the Sit in Babysitting

Today was one of my vacation days and I was, um, let's say lucky enough to get to spend a large portion of it tending my grandchildren. You know them...Miss Personality (turns 4 towards the end of Feb.), Love Bug (16 months), and Little Prince (4 months today). And hey, I'm experienced. I did go through that stage of having three kids under the age of four my very own self. And to relive it, even for a day? Magical. Let me share.

Here are the ladies enjoying their breakfast picnic in the livingroom. As you can maybe tell, their parents are still trying to assimilate all the fabulousness they collected for the holiday.

After the girls had their bath, they stood directly in front of the tv for some time, fascinated by whatever eyecatcher was on there. If they go blind, I'm not saying it will be totally my fault, but I'd be forced to take a share of the blame.

Lucky for me, Little Prince is a total rock star. Completely committed to being cool and smiling for the crowds.

After a fun morning, I took them out to McDonalds and let them partake of the terrible, but terribly appealing for toddlers, food. They girls played in the playland and the boy continued to smile and encourage eye contact. We went to the park for more playing and more happy baby. I should have taken more pictures, but lost the art at some point. Around 3 pm their mother arrived to rescue them all from my clutches and carry them off in her packed Prius.

Aw. I guess reading about it later it was kinda magical after all! Yay for babies on temporary loan!


Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Little prince is adorable as are the girls.. you are one lucky grandma..

Tara said...

I love that photo with the two of them wrapped up like tortillas and standing in front of the TV. Very cute! So is the last photo of the Little Prince! I love it when they smile like that. It's a look of contentment.

That sounds like you rocked at babysitting!

NoRegrets said...

Temporary loan is the BEST! :-)

The Furtive Wangler said...

Glad you enjoyed your time with them, they're so cute you lucky grandperson! The kids will appreciate your time and attention more than you will ever know!

Churlita said...

Love the photos. Temporary loan is the best way to have kids as far as I'm concerned right now.

laura b. said...

Mrs: Thank you, I do feel lucky :-)

Tara: haha! They do look like little burritos or something, don't they! I think I am a pretty good babysitter as I can just keep telling myself, it is only for a few hours.
Not that I don't love, love, love them, but after my five sometimes I'm not as into it as maybe some other grandmas would be.

NoRegrets: My sentiments exactly!

FW: Thank you, I hope you're right. I want to be a person in their lives that they always feel they can come to for anything.

Churlita: Thanks, and yes, I definitely have to agree right now :-)