Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Feeling Quizzical

Yeah, I have been careful all day, what with the whole April Fool's thing going on. Google and Gmail were getting all cute and prankish. The lolcats were out in record numbers. Three year olds were telling me jokes that involved odd noises as the punchline. It just seemed like a Blogthings kind of posting night.

I found this one that seemed so appropriate after yesterday's post. And of course, because Blogthings knows me so well.

You Are Disturbingly Profound

You're contemplative, thoughtful, and very intense.

Taking time to figure out the meaning of life is a priority for you.

Because you're so introspective, you often react in ways that surprise people.

No one can really understand how you are on the inside... and that disturbs them.

Here is another, because it is a long held belief of mine that we all deserve some kind of super power!

Your Superpower Should Be Manipulating Electricity

You're highly reactive, energetic, and super charged.

If the occasion calls for it, you can go from 0 to 60 in a split second.

But you don't harness your energy unless you truly need to.

And because of this, people are often surprised by what you are capable of.

Why you would be a good superhero: You have the stamina to fight enemies for days

Your biggest problem as a superhero: As with your normal life, people would continue to underestimate you

And here is just one more, because ice cream is good. No, ice cream is great.

You Are Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

You are kind, popular, and generous.

You tend to be successful at anything you try.

A social butterfly, you are great at entertaining a crowd.

You are most compatible with strawberry ice cream.

Where are you strawberry? ;-)


evil-e said...

I never got all into the whole April Fool's thing. I am more a pundit than a prankster so I would rather try and be funny all the time.

Tara said...

I too am disturbingly profound, and I'm able to manipulate energy. "They" say that I'm strawberry ice cream. Here's the info:

"A bit shy and sensitive, you are sweet to the core. You often find yourself on the outside looking in.
Insightful and pensive, you really understand how the world works.

You are most compatible with chocolate chip ice cream."

Yay, we get along! :)

laura b. said...

Evil-E: As far as I can tell you totally succeed at that!

Tara: hee hee! I had a feeling we got along!

Churlita said...

Those personality tests crack me up.

Anonymous said...

You are the best super hero!
not a bad ice cream either! I want to do the tests now.... I bet I am something wimpy and probably a vanilla cone too! :o)

laura b. said...

Churlita: I enjoy them way too much.

Daffy: Do the tests...they are fun :-) Doesn't everyone want to know what flavor of ice cream they are?