Thursday, April 3, 2008

Things To Do

Dear, dear laura b.,

Here is a little list of things you need to do. You know, just so you don't forget.

1. Send sympathy/thank you cards to Steve Guttenberg and little Ramiele. (Make sure to mention something specific...Ex. Steve, your smile, infectious! Rami, your hair always looked so, so cute!)

2. Find out how to most effectively keep up with gossip. Perez Hilton? TMZ? Research, l.b., research!

3. Consider ways to con a son into not needing/wanting his iPod anymore. This will be tough, but I am wily when I wanna be. Three sons with iPods, something might give. But no...I'd feel too guilty :-( (sad face me)

4. Check your tivo, missy. Many new shows are returning to the air in the next week or two. Will you and your device be ready?

5. Sat. Scav. Shots is coming...ah, Saturday! Do you have any pictures of doors? If not, can you take some between now and then? I think you know what you have to do....

6. Day off tomorrow. Take care of every single thing that you cannot take care of on work days or weekends. (Who are you kidding?)

7. Post something fascinating on your blog. Sometime soon. Try. Okay?

Okay. xo


AlienCG said...

1. It's pretty bad that I had to look up Steve G. on Google to see why you referenced him. I don't watch DwtS.

2. I don't keep up with celebrity gossip. I keep up with tech gossip.

3. Tell them that iPods are no longer cool. Tell them the tech gossip guy, AlienCG, said so.

4. How many of these new shows are reality-based?

5. I have doors in my house.

6. Have fun doing all that stuff.

7. Your stuff is always interesting.

Tara said...

I'm so glad there are new episodes coming out soon! Especially with Reaper and The Closer. But with The Closer, I have to wait till July! Argh!

Churlita said...

I always feel that pressure when I have a day off during the week too. then I forget to do half the stuff I need to do.

laura b. said...

1. *sigh* Like I don't feel guilty enough already.
2. see number 1
3. Now that is useful! ;-)
4. None! Because nothing stops them, especially not writers strikes.
5. Yay! I am reassured by that.
6. Yeah, not so much...
7. Thanks, Alien. You are a pal.

Tara: I am very excited about The Office, House, and Desperate Housewives. Those are three I know for sure are returning soon.

Churlita: I didn't get much done, truthfully. But it was a nice day anyway :-)