Monday, March 31, 2008

My Big Brain

I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't guess it, but I have always liked to think of myself as a rather intelligent and complex person. I don't think this is necessarily so true, but I do enjoy thinking of myself that way! I am the kind of smart, deep thinker who feels good about watching (and enjoying!) the mini-series John Adams on HBO. But I haven't read the book...and even if I had, you know? It was pretty widely read...I don't think I'd be in an elite class even if I had read it! Um, and I didn't. I read a lot, it is true, and that seems smart. But I do read mostly fiction...mostly popular fiction. I'm not on out there discovering fresh, angry poets from Uzbekistan or delving deep into the works of Virgil.

Okay, okay, I am actually getting off the point. Imagine that. What I wanted to get into was how incredibly thought provoking some of the bloggers I am reading right now are. And I am not talking about professional bloggers who are paid to be provocative. I am talking about people who look at their lives and comment on them intelligently and clearly. Most of you reading here would fit the bill, really. One of the posts that gave me pause just today though, came from Furtive Wangler. You should really check out his post on "People of Substance" and what it means to actually leave something of ourselves behind after we are gone. He writes lots of other fun stuff too :-) I wanted to make an intelligent comment on that post, but that didn't exactly come to fruition. Another blogger who made me think is NotFaintHearted at The Journey who writes about "Integrity" and her attempt to find it's meaning in her life. Again, I started to try and talk back about how I feel about the topic, but was unable to be successfully clear, yet I gave up :-) That's how I do...sometimes.

So, this post is the opposite of theirs. It isn't too clear and it doesn't make anyone think much about anything except for the fact that I am pretty good at inserting myself and what I think into other people's good ideas! Wow, this is awful! But so awful that I am forced to laugh at myself. Ah, just read the folks on my blogroll. See how the better half lives.


evil-e said...

I thought about going more serious, but why. The meaning of life for me is to enjoy every day as much as I can. I find enjoyment in small things, stupid things, funny things and the extremely everyday. I figure I exist to observe and report on the things that nobody else cares to look at.

Good post.

Mrs. Big Hairy Woman said...

I enjoyed reading your post too.. We don't always have to have though provoking posts to know how we live our lives.. We live to the best that we can.. So continue what you are doing and if reading those thought provoking posts help than great... I have done some serious stuff.. but only because it helps me understand things better...

not said...

"...angry poets from Uzbekistan..."

Love it!

to be honest, this whole blogging thing has been a welcome release for my "deep thoughts" (please read that in a Stuart Smalley kind of voice.) I'm just struggling my struggle out in the public square. (And lately I've been wondering if people don't start self medicating just to turn off the kind of crap that rumbles around in my head.)

I'm glad to have given you something to think about.


daffy said...

I think you are poking fun at yourself here. ;o)
Thoughtful and insightful blogs, by like-minded beings, there are a few out there.
Oh, I did a quick quiz on Virgil the other day and scored rather highly!
I hadn't realised I even knew he was the pilot of thunderbird 2! :o)
I sometimes come accross some golden nugget blogs and I write, then re-write a comment as I search my brain for a sensible sentance. I think sometimes I am intimidated a little. I read, I nod my head all the way through and then I scratch my head as my lack of knowledge to word exactly what I want to say. I'll leave without commenting only to return later to find someone has wrote the very words I was searching for!
Oh and I agree with Mrs big hairy woman... !

Tara said...

Your blog has inspired many ideas, Laura, so give yourself some credit! I do know what you mean, though, and there are times I never commented because I couldn't think of a thoughtful response. But it's those interesting blogs that we all go back to day in and day out because of how they make us think.

Churlita said...

it's harder to respond to the deeper posts, but then usually, I try to so they don't think I'm not commenting because I don't appreciate what they write. Does that make sense?

The Furtive Wangler said...

Your comments are welcome on my blog anytime L.B. I felt the same about your post What's your problem, you had me thinking about it for days, I never did get around to posting a response on my blog because you said it all. I'm only sorry I didn't comment to let you know

laura b. said...

Evil-E: There is nothing like the lighter side, but I just had to take a moment to appreciate the deep waters :-)

MrsBHW: You have written some very insightful posts and they help you, but they also help other people.

Not: Well, never think that your struggles are unappreciated! Self-medication is tempting, as is a life unexamined...but nah, it's not for me :-)

Daffy: Aw, you are going all old skool on me! Thunderbirds are go!
I often find that other people are much better at putting my thoughts into words than I am.

Tara: Sometimes my comments feel inadequate, but I like to leave something, because I know for me comments are one of the best things about blogging.
You know none of us can stay away from your blog :-)

Churlita: Yes that makes perfect sense to me, because I do the exact same thing. I want others to know in my clumsy way that I heard them.

FW: Thank you so much! I can't tell you how very greatly I appreciate that :-)