Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You're Like Schoooool In Summertime.....

...School in summertime? No class. Oh, Fat Albert and the gang slay me! But they don't have to slay you for you to be able to participate in this week's Choose and Defend Wednesday. All that is required is some familiarity with school! Did you go? Then you are so in. We all have our childhood memories, good and not-so-good and on down the sliding scale. Now, cast your mind back to your school days and tell us which part you enjoyed the most, if forced to choose...which of course, you are.

Did you love....

Elementary School

Middle School / Junior High

High School

Make a choice and tell us about that choice. Choose and Defend. It's fun and you won't gain an ounce! So go ahead...indulge. Choose and Defend. Because it is Wednesday, and because you are here.


AlienCG said...

I gotta say, Middle School/Junior High. I did much better, gradewise and got along a lot better with my classmates. MIDDLE SCHOOL/JUNIOR HIGH, final answer.

crazy4coens said...

Well, I did love elementary school, but I really found myself in the private "free" schhol where I met Ananda Girl. SO - high school it is!

Churlita said...

Oh, that's tough. I'll say grade school, because that's when my mom was still alive.

Ananda girl said...

Oh no doubt about it... High school was so sweeeeeet! Treasures upon treasures. Oh, and a little learning too.

NoRegrets said...

OK, can I choose none?
Elementary - was in a Catholic school and the nuns beat me
Middle school - had one year of it and had just moved
High school - awkward teenage years (though I guess if forced to choose, I'd say high school)

NoRegrets said...

BTW, I wonder how many people have actually watched Fat Albert and the Gang? I have!

Tara said...

Elementary school - Halloween and Valentine parties (including cookies and punch and getting valentines).

However, middle school lunch ladies made peanut butter fudge. Yum!

But my final answer is Elementary school.

laura b. said...

AlienCG: I think that time can be a period of personal growth that comes with raging hormones. One for Middle School.

Crazy4Coens: I get so jealous when I hear about that school! One for High School.

Churlita: That seems like the best reason ever to prefer one portion of your life over another. One for Elementary School.

Ananda: I think we need more stories about your experiences at that school :-) Two for High School.

NoRegrets: Given those choices I can see the difficulty...but I appreciate that you chose. Three for High School.
And yeah! I know I watched I know you watched it..but did anyone else?

Tara: Going with the snack, snack, snackiest :-) I like that! Two for Elementary.

Everyone: far, we have High School in the lead with 3, Elemetary has 2, and Middle School currently running third with 1. But I don't think we've heard from everyone with an opinion yet, have we? Speak up! Let's hear YOUR choice!