Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Bullet Points for You

  • Yesterday evening, my neighbor from downstairs came up and complained after Handsome Lad made a loud thump dropping his skateboard. If that had been it, I would have just apologized and explained. But he went on to say stuff about us running around in the middle of the night up here...WTF? Well, he 9 or 10 at night...still WTF? No one up here runs around, um, EVER basically. I told him that we are just walking around in our house and if that was a problem I wasn't sure how I could help him. He didn't leave happy, but he left. Anyway, as I tweeted last night, I can only assume the once or twice a week late night shish kabob barbeques with his extended family are finished. I mean, certainly if that was still going on he'd see the need to be understanding of neighborly noises...ya think?

  • Oh, to go back a bit further and to mention Twitter again, yesterday morning Drifter had me cornered and wouldn't stop her combination boring / insulting talking. I was reduced to sending desperate tweets asking for response. haha!

  • This morning before work I was watching the series finale of Six Feet Under on dvd. I'd seen it once before, when it was actually on the air. I knew what to expect. This morning, because I'm all emotional and such, it totally made me cry. And it was one of those things where when I started it became crying about every single bad or sad thing I was feeling...and sometimes that is what I am afraid of when I cry...that if I start, for whatever reason, I may never stop. But of course I did. Stop that is.

  • Now, back to Drifter again! This afternoon she had a confrontation with our supervisor, which lead to a confrontation with the Director, which lead to her being told that she was suspended, without pay, until Monday. All I could think was how peaceful it will be tomorrow without her. Today was one ugly scene after another. I was only involved in as much as I could hear most of what was going on, although I remained determinedly hunched over my keyboard or, alternatively, hiding out in the stacks.

Okay...I think I've fired enough rounds. Kind of a negative post, but it's what I had on my tiny mind. Thanks for letting me put my little worries to rest, sort of.


AlienCG said...

A thump on the floor warrants an angry neighbor visit? What a douche.

Sorry, if I actually looked at Twitter, I would have helped. Unfortunately, I would only be able to offer suggestions such as, stand up, look her in the eye and say, SCREW YOU!

Never watched Six Feet Under, don't have premium networks.

Ah, enjoy the peace and quiet around there. Too bad they didn't suspend her indefinitely without pay.

Hope you feel better.

Churlita said...

If he doesn't like people walking above him, maybe he shouldn't live on the first floor. Duh. I had that once when my girls were little and we lived above a woman who was batshit crazy. It's so annoying.

That's what your blog is for - to get stuff off of your chest. Now, just let it gooooo.

Ananda girl said...

Well I'm pretty sure that used to be my neighbor. We drove ourselves nuts trying to be quiet enough to please him but could not do it. One day we freaked out and stomped all over the floor. I'd love to say that stopped it, but it didn't. But we felt better.

I love 6 Feet Under. Oh laura b., I do that too... have days where I have to have a little cry! I think in the long run it's better for your health than holding it all in.

I have a co-worker that I would like to burn at the stake. She is a teacher so she will never be suspended, but I like to think I hear the flames crackling when she is annoying me the most. If that does not work, I visualize the fire licking at her legs and pretend she is screaming in pain instead of screaming at me. I am so glad that your boss is getting the big picture!

crazy4coens said...

Yikes on the co-worker - if she got kicked out for a couple of days - chances are she will eventually get kicked out forever. Right?

I also saw the 6 feet under finale and cried. To see your life pass by like that is bitter sweet. There are those who have passed and those who will pass before we do - and what will life like be without them and without us for that matter?

all potentially quite tearful!

Tara said...

I'm sorry about your neighbor complaining like that. What does he want people to do, float across the room or tiptoe? It's an apartment, it happens - no matter what time of day or night, it happens.

I have a coworker like The Drifter who loves to confront higher-ups. He was written up once for yelling at our former manager.

Cheer up and have a wonderful weekend! :)

laura b. said...

AlienCG: That is the perfect word..he was such a douche.
You might like 6FU! Netflix, brother, Netflix.
And the Drifter problem? Resolved. I am soooo relieved.

Churlita: Apartment living has it's issues. I'm really hoping it was a singular bad day for him.
Writing it down really does make it easier to let it go.

Ananda: haha! I did do a big loud jump later that felt very satisfying :-)
I do like a good cry sometimes. But when I am already feeling particularly low I will try to avoid it, because I really do get this overwhelming sensation that I won't be able to quit and it kind of scares me.
I LOVE that mental image...what a great idea. I will totally use that in the future.

Crazy4Coens: Came in this morning to find out she's gone. I am soooo relieved :-)
I think that final part made this one of the best series finales ever. It was amazing. I was just too tender to be watching it at that moment I think.

Tara: Thank you! I know, I've always thought flying would be cool...sorry I can't accomodate Mr. Sensitive.
I guess there are always Drifters, but hopefully we won't get another one for a long, long time.
And thanks again...I have high hopes for a good weekend :-)

The Furtive Wangler said...

Glad your co-worker issue is resolved for a short while at least, some respite will be good.

Neighbours have to get on or it's hell for everyone, hope the guy sees reason and realises he's lucky to have you above him.

laura b. said...

FW: She ended up resolving it all by quitting. Yay!
Thanks...we really are nice neighbors and I'm hoping that was a one shot bad day moment.