Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baby, You Can Drive My Car

Ahoy hoy. Today's Choose and Defend Wednesday comes to you inspired by Churlita. She mentioned teaching her daughter to drive and that got me to thinking. Yes, it doesn't take much to set my impressive brainage in gear! So...let's talk about gears and how you like 'em. Make a choice to fulfill the Choose part of Choose and Defend Wednesday. And even the barest of reasons for your preference with serve to Defend your choice for Choose and Defend Wednesday. You're the driver, it is your dream car. How are you rolling?

Manual Transmission


Automatic Transmission

...put the peddle to the metal
And burn rubber on me, Charlene
Oh, no, no, no

This Gap Band moment is brought to you by another car-azy afternoon in the Children's Room and Choose and Defend Wednesday. Drive!


AlienCG said...

I've only driven automatic transmission in my meager existence. I do not know how to drive stick, but I'm always willing to learn. For now, however, I have to say, AUTOMATIC, but it could change.

Ananda girl said...

I've had both... but I'm a stick gal.
I do tiny, stick cars for a couple of reasons... When they break, I can push them to the side of the road easily. If the starter goes out or the battery dies, I can push the silly thing, jump in, pop the clutch and be home in a jiffy. To top it off, replacing a clutch tends to be cheaper and easier for the do-it-yourself gal with a stick.

There you have it. But to put it in a nut shell... my reasoning is all about money and my general lack of it. ;-)

Tara said...

Automatic, mainly because all our cars have been automatic transmission. I do remember sitting in my brother's sports car which was manual, and thinking it looked complicated.

Pamela said...

Stick! You have better control, it's more fun, you get better gas mileage, etc.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Seeing as I don't drive.. but if I did I would go for manual.. but again stick is always good too.. I'm torn

Churlita said...

I drive a stick because I'm poor and a car with a stick is generally less expensive. If I had my druthers, I'd probably rather have an automatic transmission.

The Furtive Wangler said...

My preference is to drive an automatic however I've only owned one automatic in my life. My current car is manual (stick) and you do have to think a little bit more while you drive, which is why I would go for automatic: shame they are more expensive to buy and cost more to fix.

crazy4coens said...

If I did not have this heliacious driveway, I would absolutely say stick. But we have burned out 2 clutches, so I must say, as long as I live here - automatic (I know I am not a good enough stick driver to not ruin another clutch).

laura b. said...

AienCG: It is nice that you are flexible about the future! One for Automatic.

Ananda: See? Now that is a very compelling defense! One for Manual.

Tara: My experience with sticks is limited too. Two for Automatic.

Pamela: It all makes good sense. Two for Manual.

Mrs: You are keeping your options open :-) Nothing wrong with that!

Churlita: I like that you talked about what you do drive AND what you'd prefer to drive. We're going with choices here. Three for Automatic.

FW: Yes, I appreciate that you, like Churlita, saw both sides of the issue. Since we're speaking to choice, Four for Automatic.

Crazy4Coens: with a couple of our other commentors I think I want to look at what you'd want if you could have anything, rather than what you feel you have to Three for Manual.

Everyone: We have a close race here with Three for Manual, Four for Automatic, and the Mrs. not taking sides :-) This one has turned out to be really interesting...I felt people had stuff to say about it! And if anyone else wants to speak up, feel free.

Sebastien said...

Unfortunately I learned automatic and never got used to manual. Manual is cooler b/c you have more control over the car, but I'm used to automatic. So I guess I have to go w/ automatic. I'm pretty sure you also get better mileage w/ manual... oh well.

laura b. said...

Sebastien: I don't want you to HAVE to go with something...what do you WANT to go with. It is your dream! I'm making an executive decision as you seem so smitten with the idea of being a shifty man...Four for Manual.

Tie! We need a tie breaker!!!