Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Read Books to Know That I Am Not Alone

This was a rather crazy Choose and Defend Wednesday here at the job site. But I WILL bring you Choose and Defend! And it occurred to me that I could use this whole busy library phenomenon to my advantage and question you...

You are readers, obviously! I mean at the very least you read blogs...I suspect a great many of you of reading more. Where to you prefer to get your reading material? Choose and then Defend your know the drill!

The Library


The Bookstore - Real or Virtual

You can tell me...I'm in the business...I understand. Choose and Defend, because it is Wednesday and because we can!


Tara said...

God help me, I love the book store. I know that I could check out books for free at the library, and I've been able to access the internet recently without trouble through my branch, but the book store has something else. Maybe it's the scent of overly caffeinated coffee wafting through the air. Maybe if the library served coffee? Get on that, LB, you could change the world. :)

NoRegrets said...

I'm cheap, so I should say the library. But sometimes it's a pain in the ass. But I'm cheap. So I just borrow books from friends or buy them from Goodwill, so NEITHER!

Churlita said...

I like to own them. So, I'm going to say the bookstore. If I'm broke, though, I love the library.

AlienCG said...

I'm a BOOKSTORE type of guy. Primarily, I don't know why.

Ananda girl said...

OH... I am a traitor to my profession... hanging head in shame... I am a bookstore fiend. I like to own my books so that I can read them and read them and read them... etc.

laura b. said...

Tara: People would LOVE that. I think some libraries actually do it...One for Bookstores.

NoRegrets: You like to throw a monkeywrench in my works :-) But since you sometimes buy books, even though in a thrifty way I will count you as Two for Bookstores.

Churlita: I guess a book fan will get them how they can. Since your preference would probably be to have money rather than being broke, I will put you down as Three for Bookstores.

AlienCG: You don't know why? You must not be into the hot librarian thing. haha! Four for Bookstores.

Ananda: Traitor! hee hee! Nah, just joshin'. I am a big fan of the re-read myself. Five for Bookstores.

Everyone: I admit to being a little surprised that so far the library gets no love. Well, not NO love...but people definitely prefer to own their books up in here. But I would like to hear from more peeps...anyone? Library or Bookstore. Choose and Defend :-)

Sebastien said...

I love the library because everything is free, and you have a world of possibilities. That said, I usually discover great books at the library but if I love them (especially art books, or books on design, stuff that features nice images) I will find a copy on amazon and buy it.

I'm torn... I really love amazon for books. There are some great deals on there, I usually buy used... hmmm, I still have to go with the library. I'm so proud of our library and the fantastic resources it makes available to all the public.

laura b. said...

Sebastien: You have ALWAYS been my favorite. Seriously though, that is a good, well thought out answer and I appreciate it. Finally...One for Libraries.

crazy4coens said...

i love them both - but i owe money at the library - so i don't even pass over the threshold.

i love the stacks. i miss working at the library. i miss shelving and straightening.

i have never worked at a bookstore, but i would if asked, in a heartbeat - who needs to come home except to sleep, anyway (since i would not quit teaching 0 would have to bookstore it after my real work)?

final answer - bookstore - at amazon prices - without shipping - especially in the evening - i would way rather go to the bookstore than a movie....

thanks for asking!

laura b. said...

Crazy4Coens: haha! They will hunt your down! :-)
I would have a really hard choice picking between a bookstore and a movie. Love them both.
You are Six for Bookstores though!

Only Sebastien and I went with the Library. Woot!