Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sadly, She Found That She Looked Forward to Her Favorite Televsion Programs Most of All

I'm like a pig in, um...mud, right now. There are so many good things on TV. I go for a number of months feeling like I don't need TV. Sure, I watch, but it is no big deal. At this time of year though...oh mama...all bets are off! It is like a tragedy, but less compelling.

Things I HAVE to Watch

1. Mad Men
2. Curb Your Enthusiasm
3. Dexter
4. Desperate Housewives
5. Bored to Death
6. Californication
7. Dancing with the Stars
8. House, MD
9. So You Think You Can Dance
10. Glee
11. Modern Family
12. Ugly Betty
13. The Office
14. Grey's Anatomy
15. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
16. Lie to Me
17. Secret Lives of Women

I think that is it. There might actually be more that I am forgetting. Um. I look at that list and I am torn between embarrassment and excitment. Story of my life.

Do you have must see TV...or are you one of those, you know, people who don't get the fascination? Tell me about it.


Sebastien said...

Wow! Those are a lot of shows. I really enjoyed Mad Men. Glee seems fun, haven't seen that yet. I usually wait for things to come out on DVD, commercials drive me crazy.

Currently working my way through Arrested Development, very fun zany show.

MrManuel said...

Funny, the only thing on there I watch is House.

Churlita said...

I'm a Dexter fiend. I watched all the previous episodes this Summer and saw the first one of this season on Sunday. It looks like it could be really good this year.

crazy4coens said...

you are so funny! i totally relate.

i am like 3 years behind on dexter. i was way behind on the sopranos too and ended up spending about 150 US dollars on the last 3 seasons. heavy sigh.

the shows i love are embarrassing. i will not share.

but i can safely say Jerry Springer is not one of them.

Ananda girl said...

Number me among Dexter's minions! I was "a late to the Sopranos" too. I am also into Arrested Development and we are doing a marathon of it right now. So I have to try out Modern Family. I'd like to try Californication too. I half way through all of Deadwood. I like the new one...Flashforward.

AlienCG said...

Unfortunately, all of my favorite shows appear on Discovery, Science Channel, Travel Channel and Nickelodeon (Spongebob Squarepants!).

Although, there is nothing wrong to looking forward to your favorite shows. Maybe California is different, but in Cleveland, it's all we got once winter hits. We can't go anywhere once the snow starts flying.

Tara said...

Well you know the one - The Closer, but aside from that, the last must-see for me was Seinfeld. Since they've stopped showing the reruns at a certain time, they've screwed me up, and I can't have that 7pm Seinfeld fix.

laura b. said...

Sebastien: Commercials drive me crazy too. I record everything on DVR and blip right through the commercials.
Arrested Development is awesome! One of my all time favs.

MrManuel: I'm hanging my head in shame....

Churlita: This season's Dexter, sleep deprived and making mistakes...sounds good to me!

Crazy4Coens: I just listed 17 shows that I watch each and every week and YOU'RE embarrassed? Now I am super curious about what you must be watching....

Ananda: I was curious about Flashforward and have heard good things...oh no. haha!
Right now I am also marathoning Freaks & Geeks from Netflix :-)

AlienCG: Nothing unfortunate about that...all good channels and Spongebob holds a special place in my heart as well. I've certainly seen most of the episodes broadcast over the past 10 years.
We don't have the snow, of course, but you know me...I might as well be snowed in :-)

Tara: I think The Closer is going to have to go on my Netflix queue. Alien has me convinced to go through the X-Files...nine seasons! I can spend the rest of my life in front of the television. Scary.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Glee is must see for me..
CSI (the original one).

How I met Your Mother
Flashforward (new series) Awesome FX..
Eastwick looks promising
Two and A Half Me
Gary Unmarried
New Adventures Of Old Christine
Accidentally On Purpose (promising)
Cities Of The Underworld (very addictive)

Grey's Anatomy
Criminal Minds.. whew I think that might be it..

laura b. said...

Mrs HW: Looks like we have a couple in common. Also, DR loves How I Met Your Mother, so I might start making my way through that on Netflix.
I am glad to see someone with a good solid list. I don't feel so alone now :-)

crazy4coens said...

Alien - Heck - Out here in California, even in the winter, we surf to work!