Thursday, September 10, 2009

What Beatles Song Are You?

You Are "All You Need is Love"

You are compassionate, kind, and giving. You truly believe that love can heal the world.

In some ways, you are a bit of hippie. You think that peace is still very undervalued in this world.

You feel like people make life too complex. Happiness is often as simple as just allowing yourself to be happy.

There isn't much people really need in this life. If you're truly loved, then you're lucky.

Yeah, I think I recognize that as me :-) All you need is love.


AlienCG said...

You Are "Across the Universe"

You are spiritual, deep, and at peace. You try to keep life in perspective.
You can't help but realize how small you are in the universe. You're just thankful you exist.

You tend to be a stream of consciousness thinker. You just let your thoughts flow, even when they don't make sense initially.
You trust your intuition to guide you. You know that whatever is in your heart is right and true.€

crazy4coens said...

Without taking the test, I would say I am We Can Work It Out. I'll take the test and get back to you.

crazy4coens said...

Apparently All I need Is Love, too!

Ananda girl said...

I am "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"... but I knew that. (C4C knows it too.)

You are creative, imaginative, and more than a little trippy.

You see the world with an artist's eye. Sometimes the Craziest little details inspire or amuse you.

You can get lost in your own daydreams which can be vivid and downright bizarre.

You're drawn toward imaginary worlds and outlandish thoughts. You like to play with ideas, even when the results are a bit strange.

Churlita said...

I would have guessed this for you too.

laura b. said...

AlienCG: Ah, that is one of my favorite songs.

Crazy4Coens: Blogthings twins! I like your first choice too...makes a lot of sense.

Ananda: Yes, why is this not surprising?

Churlita: Thanks! I bet you'd be Revolution :-)