Monday, September 28, 2009


Yeah, kind of like a Pixie's song. My Saturday was quiet...almost...too quiet. haha! I did a couple loads of laundry and bit of grocery shopping, but other than that I was taking up space on the livingroom floor in front of the cooler. I had some very important tv shows to catch up on, plus I watched the first disc of Freaks and Geeks. I'd call it a full productive day in it's own way :-)

My Sunday was LOUD. I cleaned up the joint in the morning for guests. My dad and stepmom hadn't even been to our new place yet, so I wanted it to look as lovely as it can. They came down to take us all to lunch. That turned out really, really nice and almost every member of the family was able to make it today. No one was working or being difficult, so there were 15 of us at the table. Only my sister and nephew blew us off, but that is kinda how she rolls lately, so whatever.

After lunch my mom, dad, and stepmom, plus Kick Back Dude and family came over to my house. The place was suitably impressive and I even provided snacks :-) WTG and Kick Back Dude decided to undertake a manly ritual and took Little Prince off for his first haircut.
Here he is in the chair. I guess the guy was very excited to do a first haircut. He used a soundless clipper that just sort of vibrated Little Prince into a quiet trance.
Here he is with his fresh, little man haircut. Aw!

The haircut somehow took forever. All the greats had tried to wait and see the new Little Prince, but gave up as the afternoon dragged on. The KBD family stayed on into the to the point where everyone needed to be fed again, so off I went for the $5 Little Caesars pizzas. We got to watch the season premiere of Dexter together, which was very cool...and an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Is there some saying about the family that eats and watches tv together?

At some point during the festivities, Miss Personality found Handsome Lad's very special costume. She was very excited with the new look and called herself "Cashy...because she looooves money!" My kinda gal.

They finally rolled out about 10 pm. Long day. But fun. All in all, I'd count this a good weekend. Hope yours was too. Tell me about it?


Ananda girl said...

What a great weekend laura b. I love the little prince's big boy hair cut. He's darling. So is Miss Personality's big cheese smile.

I had a nice mostly laid back one... I did a post on it.

BTW I love your bat! Ha.

Tara said...

Wow, 15 family members at the table? That sounds so cool, reminds me of Thanksgiving! The last time a big group of my family were together was a few years ago when we went to a brunch place in Canada. That was fun!

Little Prince looks snazzy in his new haircut! I love the fact that the guy used a silent clipper that almost put Little Prince to sleep! Hehe.

AlienCG said...

15 members at the table? In my family, we'd have to hire extras for that.

Little Prince looks so cute with his new hairdo. Miss Personality is a funny little one in the wig and glasses.

My weekend was fairly quiet, I had a good bowl and a half of chili for dinner on Saturday, I went to mom's for dinner on Sunday, the Bengals beat the Steelers.

laura b. said...

Ananda: They are some very cute children, no doubt about it :-D

Thanks for noticing my new pet, Bobby Brady the Bat! Isn't he sweet? to read about your weekend...

Tara: You know the big family thing. I feel lucky that all my kids are so close by, but I try to prepare myself for that not always being the case.

hee hee! I thought the silent clipper thing was very cool too. When Kick Back Dude told me about it it made me laugh and it explained his dazed look in the pictures.

AlienCG: Your family is close though and that is what counts :-)

Thanks, Alien, they are so cute and sweet and happy. We all like to take credit for that!

I looove chili. Go Bengals!!!

Churlita said...

That does sound like a nice full, family, fun-filled weekend.

I hope you got to rest when you went to work today. ha!

crazy4coens said...

time to yourself on saturday - time with family on sunday. sounds like a good mix!

i had a nice weekend, myself - meeting with old friends and watching moives and doing very little (too little) laundry. it will wait - it's not going anywhere!

laura b. said...

Churlita: Monday turned out to be a doozy. It was a fun weekend, though.

Crazy4Coens: I think friends and movies are so far above laundry in life priorities. Good call!

Sebastien said...

Awww... look at that little guy. Congrats on his first proper hair cut!

And Miss Personality, I like her extreme capitalism. Very cool :)

Freaks and Geeks is such a fun show.