Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tourist Info Said I'd Have a Good Time

It is another hot, hot Saturday. There is the heated activity as we get our Saturday Scavenger Shots together and there is the heat that SUMMER brings. I got to choose this week's word and as this is my season I had to show some love for SUMMER.

I guess I am a true thin-blooded Californian. I love hot weather, especially an arid, desert heat. SUMMER rules and I have the pictures to prove it.

Um, okay, I didn't take this picture. Handsome Lad took it and sent it to me when he was on vacation with his pops last week. But I'm sharing it, because the beach is the quintessential SUMMER setting here in So Cal. Aaaaahhhhh....I love it.

All SUMMER long the top of my car stays down. I drive around enjoying the warm air on my skin. Feels amazing. My car has it's issues, but it is a really good SUMMER car.

When there is no chance to get to the beach, there is always the pool! SUMMER meant the above ground pool in my backyard when I was a kid. This is the pool at my apartment, with Love Bug on the move. SUMMER should be spent in or near water if at all possible.

Yum...the fruits of SUMMER. Here is Miss Personality with a cute little tomato that her parents grew before they killed their plant with too much water. We don't have the greenest of thumbs, but we still like to try growing things during the SUMMER :-)

I hope you all enjoyed celebrating SUMMER with me here in Fresh Hell :-) We do like it hot here....

For next week, I think I will tag....Dmarks @ Throwawayblog. Are you in Dmarks? Feed us the rock!


AlienCG said...

I've been to the beach in Cleveland (Lake Erie), on Cape Cod and on the Jersey Shore. I love the beach.

I don't have a convertible, but I do have a sun roof that I enjoy during the summer. That's always nice.

I'm not much of a swimmer, which means I don't have a pool. That's fine though.

I do have tomatoes and I just picked some, but that's all I can say right now.

Sebastien said...

Ah, yes, the pool, how would we make it without it? I like the beach, but nothing like the pool to make you feel cool. The beach is just, well, too sandy!

Cute tomato, cuter kid :)

Ananda girl said...

I love your summer!

Here we wear hoodies on the beach all summer long and the water is so cold that you gasp as soon as it touches you. I have nerves of steel and near heart attacks at the beach. ha

What a great car. Very summer.

I miss pools. No outdoor pools here. The indoor one is not so great. Hard to tan that way.

Great photos luara b! I just got my post up if you wanna look. I'm all spazzed out today.

cornbread hell said...

it's 104 here right now. i love summer. and your blog, which i just added to my reader.

dmarks said...

Today is July 25. "Christmas in July". So the word I choose is Winter. I don't think that has been used yet.

So as the dog days of august approach, think wintery things. Ice. Ice-cream even. Guys who leave Christmas decorations on all year around. Things like that!

Tara said...

Nice wheels! I love convertibles!

I haven't been to the beach yet this Summer, but I intend to eventually. I miss stepping on hot sand and wading in the lake.

laura b. said...

AlienCG: You should come see the Pacific!
I like sunroofs too :-)
I can float...I mostly swim underwater. I wouldn't call myself a good swimmer, but the water does feel so good some days.
Can't wait to hear more about those tomaties.

Sebastien: Ah, you are not a fan of the sand down the pants sensation. I would agree. What I mostly like about the beach is the hypnotic quality of the waves. But pools totally rule!!

Ananda: I know you know all about California summer :-) I have nerves of steel and heart attacks at the beach too...mostly because of my self-consciousness over me in a swim suit. haha!
Your post is awesome, Ananda. Go ahead and spazz then...seems to work for you :-)

Cornbread Hell: Another fan of heat! Yay! Thank you for finding your way here. I hope you'll become a regular. Your blog is great!

Dmarks: Thank you! Oh, I love the thought of thinking Winter thoughts right now. It is much easier to feel fond of iciness at a distance, I think :-)

Tara: Aw, thanks! There is something great about that feeling, isn't there...running and yelping your way to the water and then...aahhhhh....

NoRegrets said...

Speaking of convertibles... ha. I love all your photos...

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

The pool or beach is the place to be in Summer... unfortunatley I haven't been a lot yet this Summer.. hope to get more pool time or something soon..

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: Well, thanks :-)

Mrs.: You deserve a bit of pool time, even if it is only the LHM's wading pool.

crazy4coens said...

dunkable water, convertibles and tomatoes - that just about sums up summer :-)

Churlita said...

man, I wish I had a pool in my backyard. You just don't see them much in Iowa.

The kids are adorable, as usual. Great Summer shots.

laura b. said...

Crazy4Coens: I guess it does! I tried to think of the major components and hoped I had a photo to match :-)

Churlita: I forget the there are a lot of places where pools are not so standard. I like having an apartment pool...taking care of your own is expensive and a lot of work.
Thanks, Churlita :-)