Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Men Who Are Older Than Me

After my big whine-fest yesterday I wanted to do something more fun today. Lucky you, right? haha! Anyway, when I want something fun I always go see what The Eclectic Calendar says about the day. I got lucky too, because it turns out that today is Double Up with Laughter Day! Comedians Jon Lovitz and Robin Williams each celebrate a birthday today!

Jon Lovitz is 52 years old today. I am younger than Jon Lovitz. Yeah! That's the ticket!

Robin Williams is 57 years old today. I am younger than Robin Williams. Reality! What a concept!

I decided that as long as we were celebrating, we might as well throw in tomorrow's birthday as well....

Danny Glover is 62 years old tomorrow. I am younger than Danny Glover. I'm too old for this shit...

I am happy to be able to celebrate the births of these guys...all of them born before me. And I have always thought Danny Glover was tres cute, so he has a special greeting waiting here if he ever wants to come get it. haha! And his little Lethal Weapon line, "I'm too old for this shit" felt just right for me today. I dared to say it felt hot in here and The Drifter opined that it was probably perimenopause making me feel that way. Bitch! Okay, she may have a point, but still...bitch! That made me feel unsexy, but I was happy to find that all three of these fellows are considerably older than me. Not sure why, but it helps somehow.

Alright, well anyway. Happy Birthday, Jon, Robin, and Danny! (Danny, call me!) I might not be too old for this shit after all :-D


aliencg said...

I am so happy that Jon Lovitz is no longer on the Subway commercials. He made me not want to eat there.

Robin Williams has plenty of great movie credits. Danny Glover has plenty too.

I'm not too old for this shit, so happy birthday to all of them. Great post, Laura B.

Tara said...

Aw, thank you! I thought of celebrating this day but got distracted, unfortunately not by doubling over with laughter. But yay, Happy Birthday guys! Jon Lovitz always makes me laugh, Robin Williams has his moments (the movie "Nine Months" is awesome - he plays the nervous, Russian obstetrician) and Danny Glover, well hell. I like him too.

Ananda girl said...

Nan Nu, Nan Nu! ARk ARk.

Hey... they're older than me too! Okay, honesty here... Jon isn't. But the other two are... yay!

I tell you what, I'll be happy to come and punch The Drifter in the snoot! That makes me hopping mad!

Note: I think part of the aggression is the margarita I'm drinking for you. Let me say this...

Cheers to you, laura b. for making me laugh and being wonderful you, as nobody else can be.

crazy4coens said...

crap! i am older than jon. thanks for not making my day. (just kidding - great post!)

laura b. said...

AlienCG: haha! Yeah...he might not be someone you want to think of when you think of food.
I like Robin Williams in movies when the direction doesn't seem to consist of...just let yourself go, Robin! haha! And Danny Glover has been in many good movies. I loved him in Royal Tennenbaums.
You will never be too old for this shit...and thank you :-D

Tara: I know about distractions. I am here to celebrate for all of us :-)
Robin Williams was funny in Nine Months! And I have to say, I used to dislike Mrs Doubtfire, but over the years, for some reason it kind of grew on me and began to seem rather sweet.
As for Danny G., mmmm-hmmmm! haha!

Ananda: Yay! Here's to (mostly) older men!
If you ever want to come give Drifter a good pop, margarita fueled ire or not, I will not stand in your way :-)
And thank you so much for your very kind words.

Crazy4Coens: You must focus on the TWO who are older! Forget young Jon. haha! We get to be the spring chickens for the moment :-)
Thanks for being here, C4C!

crazy4coens said...

laura - right you are and thank you!

Churlita said...

I waited on Robin Williams once. He was very pleasant and tipped well. If I ever run into Danny Glover, I'll be sure and tell him to call you.

Oh, and your co-worker is a hag.

laura b. said...

Crazy4Coens: Spring chickens unite!

Churlita: I think people's tipping habits speak volumes. And yes, please do pass along that message to Mr. Glover if you get the chance :-)

And ooohhhh! Thank you for saying so. That is one of the words I was looking for. Hag. Perfect.

Sebastien said...

Always liked Jon Lovitz and his irritating voice. He cracks me up every time, he's so funny with his lines.

laura b. said...

Sebastien: It's called....ACTING! haha!