Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Don't Stand So Close to Me

Time once again for our Choose and Defend Wednesday. Today, I have a personality sort of question for you. Often, when choosing between two things, we can see both as being true of ourselves to some degree. If you stop and think a moment, though, you will realize that one has the edge, no matter how slight. Some of you may not even hesitate. I know I didn't with this one. So, all you have to do is make a choice and then defend that choice with conviction!

Are you...

A Student

A Teacher

So? Who are you? Choose and Defend!


AlienCG said...

I am definitely a dichotomy. I love sharing my knowledge with others, but that's only a part of it. I much prefer learning new stuff. I am definitely a STUDENT. That's my final answer.

Ananda girl said...

While I am required to teach in my job... I am a STUDENT in my heart!

I love to learn about things and I am aware that there is an endless supply of things I don't know. It is the one obsession that does not harm me in some way. I can be an information glutton and I think even God is okay with that sin.

Pamela said...

I think everyone should be a student, not that they are. I am. Though I love being a teacher too.

Tara said...

Student! Always learning, whether I'm ready for it or not, or whether I know it or not. Great question!

Churlita said...

As a parent, I feel like a teacher most of the time, but I love learning things. I'll say a student.

Oh, and if you had to choose between reading two books: Reading Lolita in Tehran and The Time Traveler's Wife, which would you read first? I'm having trouble deciding.

laura b. said...

AlienCG: You are good at explaining're a natural born teacher. But you make a great argument and a great choice. One Student.

Ananda: It is exciting to think of all the new stuff out there, isn't it? And there is often a split between what we're paid to do and what we love to do :-) Two Students.

Pamela: I think you are so right. Who shouldn't be learning, after all? I bet you are a good teacher too. Three Students.

Tara: ha! Yes, there are definitely lessons I haven't enjoyed, but there they are. I'm glad you liked this :-) Four Students.

Churlita: It's true, as parents we're thrust into the role of being the teacher, but again, it is like a job in some ways...Five Students.
I loved both of those can't go wrong, but if pressed I would go with Reading Lolita in Tehran. I found it interesting, educational, and also quite charming.

Sebastien said...

I've never had much experience teaching, and I love being a student and learning absolutely new things or discussing them. Really good lectures and discussions are always enjoyable.

Maybe I will change my mind at some point, but for now, and part of me forever, will be a student.

laura b. said...

Sebastien: We seem to be one big group of students! Maybe it is the blogger's nature somehow. You make Six Students.

Everyone: So far, although we have some Teachers by profession, necessity, or apptitude, everyone responding so far has chosen to present themselves finally as a Student.
A resounding 7 to 0! I wasn't expecting this, but that is the fun thing about asking these questions :-) Anyone else want to weigh in? It is never too late.