Monday, July 13, 2009

LOUDquiet Weekend

This is the lawn at the Arboretum. You can't see the stage here, but it was down there somewhere....

Last week was one of THOSE weeks. You know the ones. Just soul killing. I had Friday off though and had such a relaxing day that it really rejuvinated me for Saturday, which I knew was going to be super busy. And it was. I don't think I sat down once the whole time I was at work. I had a couple of busy hours on the desk and in the afternoon I had my Very Arty Tween Party. I know...tween is a doofusy word. We use it for the "big" kids in the reading program, ages 8-14. I had put a lot of work into the event, so it went great and was well attended. I am hoping to have a picture or two to show you. Even though it was a lot of fun, I was relieved when it was over. It is one of my biggest events each year and I am just so happy when I pull it off.

After work I had a concert to go to. I had won four tickets in an office raffle. I didn't even really know what it was going to be like. I knew it was the California Philharmonic and that the show was called Basically Beatles. I met my friends, Milly, Mel, and The Activist, we got some Subway sammiches and off we went. The Arboretum is really close to where I work so it was no trouble getting there, but parking was difficult and we had to walk quite a way. I don't mind a walk, but it was still quite hot. I hadn't been there for a concert before and I was surprised at how huge the crowd was, although it didn't feel bad as the venue was huge. We had lawn seats, so it was just like a picnic. It cooled down nicely as the sun set. I had imagined that the show would be orchestral arrangements of Beatle's songs. It did have that element, but I was surprised to see that The Fab Four, a popular tribute band was there as well. They did some songs on their own, their were some straight orchestral versions, and there were some of their later songs, many of which included orchestral arrangements. It was a lot more fun than I'd anticipated and the crowd got very into the Beatles experience, so to speak.

Saturday didn't end until about 2 am, so I felt okay about sleeping in until 10 am on Sunday. I did almost nothing all day long. Watched lots of tv, read, computered. Handsome Lad and his father went off yesterday for a little beach vacation, which is nice for Handsome Lad and also meant I wasn't running him around. It was a genuine day off. The only time I went out was to get my dinner, because I couldn't be bothered to cook. It was deeply relaxing and made me feel ready to face the new week, which I am going to believe will be better than last week. I hope you had a good weekend too...either full of fun stuff or full of the zen of nothing. You can tell me about it if you like! I'm listening.


Sebastien said...

That concert sounds fun! I remember a 15hr drive with my dad and friend, and the only cds we had were Beatles cds that were in a 6 cd changer. We listened to it the whole drive, I love the Beatles, but I think I was going to shoot myself after hearing that much Beatles' music! who would of that could be possible??? fortunately I still love the Beatles, even after that experience.

Ananda girl said...

It sounds wonderful! Its great that you have friends to share that with too.

I was not a Beatle head, but I like many of their songs. I think I got a dose of over kill the first time around when they were all kicking.

Now I can enjoy them anew.

Anonymous said...

I do like the Beatles, but I am an Elvis man all the way. It sounds like it was a good weekend compared to the week. I'm sure this week will be better.

MrManuel said...

My wife had one of those weeks last week also.

Any show with Beatles music has to be good!

We had to very late nights this past weekend. After 2am both days and we felt it by yesterday evening.

Churlita said...

That sounds like a great weekend after a bad week. Did you guys go out after the concert or did it last that long?

crazy4coens said...

I am so glad that you got a Sunday day of rest - we were made to have one day off a week. It is important for recharging. Hope this s a great week for you!

laura b. said...

Sebastien: haha! I am glad to hear that listening to the Beatles for a couple of days straight didn't do any permanent damage!
This concert was about two and a half hours, so I am well under the legal limit for Beatle or Beatlesque listening.

Ananda: I love the Beatles and didn't come to them until they had long since parted, when I was in high school, late 70s. I still think of them as very innovative and very fun :-)

AlienCG: Yeah, I know all about you Elvis men. Um hm. And thank you for your optimism. This week is already definitely better than last week.

MrManuel: I hope that like me, Jessica is having a better week now.
And I agree, Beatles music at a show = good show :-)
Apparently I can't do the 2 ams like I used to...

Churlita: The show ended about 10:30, but then I drove my car-free activist friend home and hung out for a bit. It was a lowkey evening and just what I needed.

Crazy4Coens: I know that I definitely feel it when I don't get one day to just recharge.
So far, this week is much better, thank you!

Tara said...

Wow, sounds like the concert was really fun! And great job on planning the party at work! I love it when events we've worked hard on turn out so well.

laura b. said...

Tara: I did have a good time. And it was very rewarding to get a good result at work Make all the hard work worthwhile.