Friday, July 10, 2009

Sometimes the Dream Becomes Reality

Yeah, I've been meaning to get out more, so yesterday evening my little bear friend Milly and I decided to go to the free concert in the park that the city sponsors. We went and picked up some Thai food and headed out.

It was crowded but we found parking. And guess what? We both got laid! Um, I mean lei'd...oh well. We hadn't brought lawn chairs or a blanket, but we did find a bench. Unfortunately, it was under a very sheddy tree. We had to keep closing the lids on our food because little tree bits were falling constantly. The music was playing when we got there. Meet...The Hodads:
Awesome, yes? They play "beach music". Lots of Beach Boys, Jan & Dean...there was Mungo Jerry and even some Elvis. And they were pretty good on their instruments, actually...although the vocals left a bit to be desired. Can't have everything at a free concert though, right?

Just in case things got out of hand with the crowd, there was security provided in the form of volunteer auxiliary officers.
Do NOT mess with these two, hear me? They were adorable. The crowd was made up of: a)People over the age 60. Mostly white...old skool Arcadians b)Families with young children. Mostly Asian, more specifically mostly Chinese...the new Arcadia
In any case, not too many obvious rabble rousers in the mix :-) It was good for people watching. I believe Milly may be creating a Facebook photo album entitled 'Gents in Hats and Dogs Wearing Clothes'

Here is Milly doing a little dance. Isn't she cute?
So. Now you know how the Librarians party on a balmy Thursday evening in July.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I have my big Tween party tomorrow at work, then another concert. This one will be the California Philharmonic playing 'Basically Beatles' at the Botanical Gardens. Nothing like orchestral versions of Beatles songs, eh? Well, I got the tickets for free from an office raffle so what the heck. Let the music play, I say :-)


Churlita said...

Your friend is adorable. I'm glad you're getting out more. Actually, Beatles music done by an orchestra sounds pretty cool.

Ananda girl said...

I'm so glad you and Millie both got lei'd... lol.

I love Mungo Jerry! Thanks for the reminder. Sounds like great fun to me... but then, I am a librarian.

Anonymous said...

It was the right price for live music, free. And those security officials look ready to maintain the peace at a moment's notice.

A tween party and then the symphonic Beatles, sounds like a whole day of fun.

Sebastien said...

Those cops look vicious!!! I hope they got to beat up some hippies.

crazy4coens said...

Thai food, ummmmm. Sounds like a grand evening! Here's to many more :)

laura b. said...

Churlita: She is...and I am making a concerted effort to be social.

Ananda: Yeah, we like sort of cataloging people I think :-)

AlienCG: Free stuff is awesome. And today (Saturday) was a very long day, but lots of fun.

Sebastien: I saw them looking threateningly at a toddler making an attempt to gain access to the stage, but I don't believe there were any injuries.

Crazy4Coens: Pad Thai is one of my favorite foods :-) Many more...I'll drink to that!

Tara said...

That sounds like a fun night! Free music and Thai food. Perfect!

Your friend Milly looks like my friend Mimi!