Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Strip for Me

Like our friend, Alien Coffeeground, I couldn't let today's Taraday pass me by. So, here I am appreciating comic strips!

Remember The Far Side? I wish Gary Larsen didn't get all sick of deadlines and retire. I loved all of his grotesque people and animals doing people things :-)

Bizarro by Dan Piraro is pretty awesome too. That link is to his blog, which is also funny. He seems like one of these people it is better to read about from a distance for some reason. Alien showed me Stephan Pastis' Pearls Before Swine blog...now he is someone I could enjoy up close. Call me, Stephen! haha!

Of course there is the ever popular Dilbert. Oh, those wacky office politics. Unfortunately, I totally get it. Scott Adams, keep on keepin' on.

It was fun appreciating comic strips! Sorry to get this up so late in the day. It was, you know...one of THOSE days. *sigh*


AlienCG said...

I have a few Far Side books that I bought a while back, I love that comic, too.

I am also a fan of Bizarro. I like looking for the TNT, pie and the eye.

Dilbert is a classic. 'Nuff said.

All fine choices for appreciation.

Ananda girl said...

I love them all! Another one that goes way back...

Gayhan Wilson had some of the best comics. He was the creator of the Adams Family and did a wonderful series on "baby food" that involved babies inside of jars or in a lobster pen waiting to be picked, etc. LOL!

Fun post laura b.!

MrManuel said...

Never been a big fan of Dilbert, but I LOVED Far Side and I think Bizarro is just as funny.

Tara said...

These are all so funny, I love the one from The Far Side (my brothers got me interested in that comic) and the one about the memory foam mattress. A comedian once said, "I'm not sure I want my mattress to have a memory."

Dilbert hits home a little too accurately sometimes. It's scary. :)

laura b. said...

AlienCG: I'm glad you like my choices. It was fun finding the strips to put up here :-)

Ananda: Gahan Wilson! I hadn't even thought of him, but he is so cool. Thanks for reminding me...off to look at some of his stuff!

MrManuel: Dilbert is for angry people. haha! What comic strips do you like?

Tara: I'm not sure I want my mattress to have a memory Truer words may never have been spoken :-D heh heh!
Yeah, Dilbert captures the essence of bureaucracy a little too well sometimes...

Churlita said...

I love the Far Side. Once when I lived in San Francisco, there was a museum that had a whole Far Side Exhibit. It was great.

I used to also love bloom County. The guy who used to do that strip lived in Iowa City, so most of the characters are based on inhabitants of my town. It's still fun to see the people they were based on walking around town.

laura b. said...

Churlita: Bloom County, yeah! I liked that too, but I never knew Berkeley Breathed was from I.C. Very cool.

Sebastien said...

Ah, the far side, need to read those again, been so long.

Aliencg pointed out Swines before Pearl, which I just recently discovered, been loving that one.

laura b. said...

Sebastien: Far Side holds up well I think :-) And I am enjoying Pearls Before Swine more the more I read it.