Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Condiments! How Embarrassing. I Thought You Said....

Welcome to Wednesday and another chance to Choose and Defend! My brain is rather fried today. Yes, I said today. Erm, so here is a simple little choice for you to make and support through compelling argument.... Which of these condiments do you prefer?



See how little I ask of you here? The least you can do is make a choice and then defend it with your very life, don't you think? You know you want to tell me your views on this issue, so please...proceed. Choose and Defend. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

I'm a mustard guy all the way. Ketchup comes in generally only one flavor, tomato. Mustard comes in many varieties and flavors. It can be used in a lot of recipes. So I am choosing mustard.

crazy4coens said...

I like ketchup on french fries and mustard on hot dogs and corndogs.

Ananda girl said...

I must agree with aliencg... I'm a mustard gal all the way. It does not contain all that sugar that ketchup hides.

I like the taste of all the mustards too. There's a white wine one that I like to bake on fish with pepper added heavily to the top. Yum! Now I know what I am having for diner.

crazy4coens said...

Years ago, when Lorenzo Lamas was filming Falcon Crest in the Napa Valley, a friend of mine served him in a restaurant. I don't remember what she had served him, but before she left the table she asked, "Would you like any condoms with that?" Of course she meant condiments.

3GirlKnight said...

Mustard all the way. I use ketchup, but I wouldn't miss it.

NoRegrets said...

Mustard is more versatile in cooking...

Sebastien said...

Damn, hands down is ketchup for me. Mustard is nasty... except for the expensive kinds, those can be kind of good.

But ketchup on a cheeseburger plus on the fries, I mean, come on, nothing beats that for me! oh, and ketchup is good with chicken as well...

Tara said...

I used to be a huge ketchup girl - ketchup on my fries and ketchup on whatever kind of fish we were having for dinner.

Now I'm a mustard girl. So my answer is mustard! Especially hot mustard.

laura b. said...

AlienCG: As a cook, you make a compelling argument here. One for Mustard.

Crazy4Coens: Uh-oh. Looks like we have ourselves one of them there fence sitters here! One for Ketchup AND Mustard. *sigh*
You have received double credit for this vote because of your funny Lorenzo Lamas story. hee hee! Love it :-)

Ananda: Another compelling argument...the sugars in ketchup. Wait, is that bad? haha!
How was your dinner? :-)
I am confused on my count here...thanks C4C...ah...Three for Mustard!

3GirlKnight: That is a good way too look at it...what would be missed if it were suddenly gone?
Four for Mustard.

NoRegrets: Another cook's view, thank you! Five for Mustard.

Sebastien: Finally! A ketchup guy! Your argument is good because it is based on your personal condiment based experiences. Two for Ketchup.

Everyone: Mustard is ahead of Ketchup with a score of 5-2. There were some voting irregularities, but I think it is still a fair race :-) I hope that more bloggers will stop in and share their condiment views with us here at Fresh Hell. Don't be shy.

laura b. said...

Tara: You slipped in there! I think we were commenting at the same time. Traitor! I'm joking, of make a fine defense :-) We are now at Six for Mustard.

Churlita said...

It all depends what I'm eating. I like ketchup on fries and burgers and brats. I like fancy wine type mustards on sandwiches and for cooking. I guess what i'm saying, is that I can't make a choice on this one. Sorry.

laura b. said...

Churlita: Aw, you're killing me! Very well. Like C4C, you will get credit for this...let's say because you promised to pass along my message to Danny Glover should the opportunity arise.

Um...okay. This puts us at, I'm coming in now...7-4 with Mustard in the lead over Ketchup. Hot race, eh?

cornbread hell said...

(neither are a very good condom. at least in my experience.)

- ketchup/catsup works well as fake blood on halloween, but then, mustard works just as well if you're dressed as an alien. score = even.
where would chili and eggs be without catsup?? where would deviled eggs be without mustard??? score = ketchup +5.
-catsup has ruined way too many a meatloaf. however...i have had great success with a little bit of fancy mustard when cooking a roast. score = catsup +4, mustard +1 1/2.
- catsup mixed with a-1 sauce works for fries and baked potatoes, but not all by itself. too sweet. score still = catsup +4, mustard +1 1/2.
- ketchup with horseradish sauce, lemon and hot sauce is a good condom-ent for seafood. score = ketchup +7 1/2, mustard +1 1/2.
- mustard works best all by itself on hot dogs and cornydogs. (according to the rikipedia, putting catsup on a cornydog is a Very serious and punishable offense warranting community service and even hard time for repeat offenders.) score = mustard is now way, way ahead.
- store brand fancy mustard is pretty cheap. and dang tasty, too! score = even more points for mustard because fancy mustard rocks.
- catsup is spelled funny*. score now = -1 for ketchup, and a whole lot for mustard.
- catsup bottles are a cool, universally recognizable shape. score = phallic ketchup bottles, back to zero, or maybe + 1, with mustard still way ahead.

* mayonnaise is spelled kinda funny too, but i still like it better than mustard OR catsup on a burger. score for poor, neglected mayonnaise, which also makes a not so good condom, btw.
(please give a mayo-mustard-combo a try on your next fried bologna sandwich.)

result = mustard wins.

p.s. yes, bologna is also spelled funny, but is excellent when fried.

laura b. said...

Cornbread Hell: Your defense is hypnotic. I never liked mustard much...but now...I don't know. I'm confused! Stop messing with my head, man!
Um...Eight for mustard. *sniff*

cornbread hell said...