Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What's Your Name? Who's Your Daddy?

Happy Halloweenie! Halloween is my favorite holiday besides my birthday, which has not yet gotten National, let alone International, recognition. I love costumes. I love candy. I love being given permission to roam around the neighborhood, in a costume, requesting candy at places where the porch light is on. I mean, what better way could there be to celebrate?
In honor of this Hump Day Halloween, let us celebrate the grotesque, the alarming, and the funny with a Zombie-themed Choose and Defend Wednesday!  Zombies are pretty big right now. Between a score of classic and not-so classic movies, tv shows like The Walking Dead, and books such as World War Z, zombie fans can always have a good time.  But Choose and Defend Wednesday is about a choice. And here is yours. Which of these two zombie movies is more to you...uh, taste?
Dawn of the Dead  
Shawn of the Dead
You know the drill.  Choose one and then Defend your choice righteously in comments! Tell it to me slowly...Tell you what I really want to know.... (cue killer organ solo)
Happy Hallowe'en!!!  


FW said...

Happy Halloween!! I love Shawn of the Dead but it wouldn't be so funny if it were not for Dawn of the Dead, so DOTD gets my vote :-)

silverthoughts2 said...

Shaun of the Dead. Love Simon Pegg!

Secret Agent Woman said...

Sorry, I can't even watch spoof horror movies. They all creep me out. This is one where I genuinely can't choose even which I'd hate less.

Tara said...

Blogger wasn't being very nice last night so it wouldn't let me post my comment. I'll try it again:

"Shaun of the Dead" is my definite choice, I love that movie. There was only one scene that was kind of creepy, but otherwise I enjoyed the humor in it. "How's that for a slice of fried gold?"

3GKnight said...

Shawn of the dead. Because that's the only one I've seen and it was funny.

Churlita said...

Shawn of the Dead. I could watch it over and over. Scary and funny is one of my favorite combinations. said...

I loved them both, but Shawn of the Dead wins by a brain. There have been a few attempts to poke fun at the Living Dead franchise but nobody has done it so well.

And zombie killing to Queen? Forget about it.

laura b. said...

FW: Very good point there! One for Dawn of the Dead.

Silver: I do too! He's got a definite 'everyman' thing going on. One for Shawn of the Dead.

Secret: Horror movies, even humorous ones, are most certainly not for everyone.

Tara: Yeah boyyyeee! haha! I am much more tolerant of grossness when it is played for laughs :) Two for Shawn of the Dead.

3GK: Can't argue with that :) Originally, I wasn't that interested in seeing it, but was glad I did. Three for Shawn of the Dead.

Churlita: I have seen it several times as well! I can be a baby about scary things, but being able to laugh helps. Four for Shawn of the Dead.

James: The zombie killing to Queen scene is a classic in my mind :) Queen makes me happy and if zombies were chasing me, killing them would probably make me happy too! Five for Shawn of the Dead.

Everyone: Looks like the bloggers here want some humor with their gore. The vote is currently 1-5, with Shawn of the Dead eating Dawn of the Dead's brains.
Please feel free to lurch in and tell us what you think!

Jasen Buch said...

I liked both, but I have to go with the classic, DAWN OF THE DEAD. The original, by the way, was filmed in a defunct shopping mall in the great state of Ohio.

Sorry I'm late on this.

laura b. said...

Jasen: As you know, it is never too late!
I do remember hearing that it was an actual shopping mall used, but not that it was in Ohio. You guys just keep getting cooler and cooler :)
Two for Dawn of the Dead.

And now the vote is 2-5!