Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I've Turned My Cheek

Choose and Defend Wednesday. Don't think I've forgotten about you! If it wasn't for my regular features, my blog my whither away. It is funny...I have plenty to say, but lately when I think of blogging my thoughts I get a bad case of brain freeze. But Choose and Defend Wednesday comes to my rescue.

This week, I am going to let you rid yourself of some of the inconvience in your life. It is within your power! Which one of these two things will you eliminate?

Bad Drivers

Long Lines
So, there you go. Just a couple little things to make your life more pleasant. And you can Choose one! And you can tell us why (Defend)!  Thank you for Choosing and Defending and helping to keep my blog alive :)


Anonymous said...

Long lines bring out jokes, common thoughts (like waiting to buy big win lottery tickets - dreaming of what you'd do with the money), and good behavior (like leaving the Mall in D.C. after the fireworks). And long lines don't kill people like bad drivers have. Goodbye bad drivers, who cut me off, don't signal, and take their bad lives out on others. Cindy

Tara said...

Bad drivers - I think that if I knew they were all off of the roads, I'd feel more confident about traveling out of my comfort zone and....dare I say...learn to drive the highways.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Easy - bad drivers! It's not that I like long lines, but I can get into a fairly zen-like state in them. But bad drivers - whether simply inconsiderate or downright dangerous - make me see red.

silverthoughts2 said...

Bad drivers. Long lines don't typically harm other people. said...

Well, I hate both so you've got me there. After much deliberation I'm going with the elimination of bad drivers because I can at least read while waiting in line. Also, I think lines are probably good for me -- they force me to work on my patience.

Jasen Buch said...

I have no problem standing in long lines. I can always opt not stand in line. I cannot opt not to drive, though. I can do nothing about bad drivers that will not land me jail. So please, I beg you, take away from me these BAD DRIVERS!

laura b. said...

Cindy: I like your attitude towards lines! Very positive :) One for Bad Drivers.

Tara: Good point. It would be nice to feel safer to explore. Two for Bad Drivers.

Secret: I guess this did turn out to be sort of inconvience vs danger, although I hadn't quite thought of that! Three for Bad Drivers.

Silver: You're right. Tempers can flair, but it isn't at auto accident level. Four for Bad Drivers.

James: I admire that you are willing to work on your patience. I should consider that :-D Five for Bad Drivers.

Jasen: Under the powers of Choose and Defend I take from you the bad drivers! Wooooo! Six for Bad Drivers.

Everyone: Overwhelmingly, we have chosen to eliminate Bad Drivers...with extreme prejudice! We can live with Long Lines...LIVE being the key word :)
Our score is 6-0. Who else has some thoughts here?

NoRegrets said...

bad drivers!!!!
except when it includes me, which isn't too too often. (says she who chased someone at 100mph)

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: haha! I've been guilty too, for sure :) Seven for Bad Drivers.

7-0 :)