Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Know That's the Way You Like It

It seemed only fitting that Jasen over at Swamp Gas & Moonlit Reflections chose the word WILD for this week's Saturday Scavenger Shots. We have had that WILD storm on the East Coast. I imagine some people may have had a WILD Halloween. Or perhaps you've just been going WILD over the World Series. Who knows? But we can all use a little WILDness in our lives.

I will say that my mind has been racing a bit WILDly lately. Lots to be legitimately overwhelmed about. But as I've posited many times before, it feels much more sane to roll with the punches than to struggle. So, I am attempting to tame the WILD meanderings of my bitty brain.

Still, in the interest of Saturday Scavenger Shots and all that is good in chaos and recklessness, here are some mildly WILD photos for you to enjoy.

 In honor of Halloween, I presented four programs at the Library. I do them each year (usually only two) for the 2-6 year olds. They get a chance to put on their costumes, come to a storytime, and trick or treat through the Library. They find it incredibly exciting and things tend to get a bit WILD.

This was actually the WILDest thing about my Halloween celebrating. Halloween itself was very quiet. DR and I had a bit of candy, but not a single child stumbled by!

This girl looks ready for a WILD time, no? Girlie Girl was a very cute flapper for one of the parties she attended.
Finally, here is one of my neighbors.  Apparently he lost his head in some sort of WILD and crazy motocycling mishap! He still seems up for anything though. Some people are so creative with their decorating. Makes me WILD with envy :)
Thanks for stopping in here. May the rest of your weekend and the week to come be just as WILD as you want them to be! 


Secret Agent Woman said...

Not so wild around here. I didn't decorate at all and just turned the lights out and went to a friend's to hand out candy. And I'm thankful I missed the wildness of the storm - all we got was a little rain.

Tara said...

That sounds like a cool Halloween program you have at the library!

I love the flapper costume, too!

laura b. said...

Secret: For me, the way I celebrate every holiday, big and small, is more changeable than it was when my kids were little.
I'm really glad the storm mostly missed you!

Tara: The kids really love it :) I thought she looked so cute!