Wednesday, October 10, 2012

But He Stayed in the City, and Kept On Changing Clothes

I am over here dragging around today. Hoping for a sudden infusion of energy. Maybe some Choose and Defend Wednesday will help.

Today, a simple classic....Would you rather have...

Bionic Hearing

X-Ray Vision

You know the rules! All you have to do is make your choice (Choose) and then use your most persuasive language to assure us all that you've made the best choice (Defend). 

Thanks in advance for playing Choose and Defend Wednesday!


Jasen Buch said...

I am going to say X-RAY VISION. I like the idea of seeing through walls and buildings and...COUGH...clothes...COUGH. So that's my answer.

Tara said...

Because I can be extremely self conscious, I'll pass on the bionic hearing and decide on the X-ray vision. I guess I'd rather be pervy instead of paranoid. :)

3GKnight said...

Bionic what? I see what you ate for lunch and raise you a bevy of horrible visions that would most likely cause me to gouge my eyes out.

It all comes down to one question... Would I rather accidentally see, or inadvertantly hear, someone going to the bathroom?

Since I can assume I'll have some means of controlling either, I'll go with x-ray vision.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I was going to say x-ray vision because I spend my whole day listening. But after some thought, I decided the bionic hearing would be more useful. Especially if you could hear a conversation about you in, say, another building. Might be really useful information to have.

laura b. said...

Jasen: haha! Hey, that is honest! One of X-Ray Vision.

Tara: That's funny :) Pervs unite! Two for X-Ray Vision.

3GK: I honestly hadn't looked at it in quite that way. Just goes to show how valuable these polls are! Three for X-Ray Vision.

Secret: It certainly might be useful! I had thought that of both things, but people went weird with it :-D One for Bionic Hearing.

Everyone: It is 3-1 in favor of X-Ray Vision. I hadn't imagined most of what you guys came up with, so I thank you! Anyone else have a take on this?

FW said...

I would rather have the bionic hearing, having seen what happened to Ray Milland in The Man With The X Ray Eyes as a kid, I can't bring myself to choose Ray vision. I could spy on people without being obvious about it with bionic hearing.

laura b. said...

FW: ha! Scarred for life by Ray Milland! Great reason. Two for Bionic Hearing.

We are now 2-3!

NoRegrets said...

3GK - LOL! I am going with hearing I think. As long as I could get earplugs that would help reduce the noise when I needed to.

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: I think any super power would require some kind of control. I'd hope! Three for Bionic Hearing.

Hey! Tie! 3-3! Hey! ;-)

BrightenedBoy said...

I think bionic hearing. There have only been a few occasions in my life when X-ray vision would have helped me out but there have been many times when I've wished I could hear what people were saying about me!

laura b. said...

BB: I know exactly what you mean. Overhearing things can come in very handy. Four for Bionic Hearing.

And now Bionic Hearing is ahead of X-Ray Vision 4-3!