Saturday, October 27, 2012

Leave a Message and I'll Call You Back

Hope you are all having a glorious Saturday. Mine is being spent at work. So...not glorious, but certainly busy and I'm making myself useful.  Today's Saturday Scavenger Shots word was chosen by Tara, ruler of Eclectic Spaghetti.  The word she chose is WEB. I thought that was a great word! Very evocative of the season and of the place where we all hang out together :)

Oh, what a tangled WEB we weave, when first we practice to deceive. I enjoy the truth and visceral reality of that quote. It certainly speaks to why I so seldom bother to lie. I'd like to think it was all about morality...but really, I am just bad at keeping that WEB untangled.

Here are a couple of WEB photos. There are bound to be tangles.

Here is a bag of fake spider WEB complete with plastic spiders. I have it on my desk at work, in preparation for decorating the Imagination Theater for my Trick or Treat programs. It just isn't Halloween without a great big spider WEB! 

Can you see the WEB in this photo? It wasn't a very neatly done one, but for a good couple of weeks DR and I enjoyed this spider and his WEB. He built it rather near the couch, which is near the door.  We came to think of the spider as a bit of a pet and there was something so interesting about watching how excited he'd get when he caught a fly. He'd scurry right over and begin wrapping it up in his WEB. This spider disappeared at some point. I admit, though, that we haven't brushed away his WEB just yet.

I will say that, in general, I'm not a huge fan of WEBs. I like the idea that spiders eat pests, but I don't like how their WEBs make the house look unkempt if they aren't swept away. And I don't like being surprised by accidentally walking into a spider WEB. I have screamed in a very high pitched way and flapped about when meeting one with my face on my travels :)  

Of course, when I learned what the word was this week, I thought of the world wide WEB where we blog and visit with one another. So, as you look at my blog, consider the whole thing a third photo for this week's word :)

Enjoy the rest of October...the end is nigh! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so I look forward to that particular ending.


Tara said...

A comedian talked about walking into spiderwebs and freaking out, and how it looks weird if nobody else sees the web, just your reaction. I laughed so hard, but I can relate to it. I have walked into so many.

I have a tiny spider in my apartment that has set up shop near my plants. I don't know what she's catching, but I'm going to respect her space and judgement.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I walked into a web just yesterday - there is always one across the walk between my house and the hibiscus tree next to it, and I never learn!

FW said...

I hate when I can feel a fine web across my face, I'm not scared by it I just find it incredibly annoying, for some reason!

laura b. said...

Tara: It must be one of those universal experiences...the web flail :)
I think you are doing the right thing by respecting that spider's judgement!

Secret: Do they keep rebuilding there? I'm hoping to get another tenent by the couch soon :)

FW: No one wants to be treated like prey! :)

Churlita said...

I love spiders and especially their webs. Great take on the word.

laura b. said...

Churlita: Thank you! Nice to see you around the blogisphere :)