Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I, I Will Be King

Even though I am all thrown off on my days, I have managed to figure out that today is Choose and Defend Wednesday. Today I thought we'd visit the world of super heroes. They are everywhere...comic books, tv shows, movies...I guess we need them. Now, I am not a particular follower of any of these roving bands of super heroes, but I appreciate the idea of them! So, I thought I'd ask you to Choose and Defend your favorite. I'm sure I've left plenty out, but I'm giving you two big groups to Choose from. 

Who is coming to your rescue?

The Avengers

Justice League

Do you have a favorite super hero? Tell us about it! This Choose and Defend Wednesday has it's dark side, sure...but it is here to help you. Choose and Defend. No thanks necessary.


Tara said...

Although I haven't seen the movie yet, I'll choose "The Avengers" group. I loved both "Ironman" and "Thor", and I prefer their style, too.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the landscape was like these days, but when I was a kid one was either a Marvel man or a DC man. I was Marvel all the way with exception to Green Arrow, who had a really cool goatee.

So for me this one is easy: Avengers all the way, especially the line-up that included The Beast. Nerd alert! I've said too much.

Jasen Buch said...

Tough choice, but since Aquaman is part of the Justice League, I'll pick the Avengers. I also think the Avengers could mop the floor with the Justice League.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I don't really care, but I do have great memories of watching Superman and Batman beyond with my kids, so Justice League. And my own idea of the perfect Superhero is Superwoman. Not Supergirl, but a grown woman version of Superman. That's who I'd want to be.

silly rabbit said...

I have to go with the Avengers because they have Thor. Thor. Thor. Thor. =:]

Anonymous said...

I like how polite and good Captain America is, and how Thor walks. The Avengers.
- Cindy

laura b. said...

Tara: Ladies love them some Thor :) One for The Avengers.

James: I don't really know what the landscape is now...or then. I am a little lost lamb in the fan boy world. You should keep talking! Two for The Avengers.

Jasen: That is some powerful Aquaman scorn! I'm intrigued. Three for The Avengers.

Secret: That is certainly a good reason for your choice! I think maybe you are Superwoman :) One for Justice League.

Silly: Ah, Thor...we cannot resist. Four for The Avengers.

Cindy: How Thor walks! That's awesome :) Five for The Avengers.

Everyone: I went into this one blind, as I am a Comic Naif. Or something like that. We are now 5-1 with some Avenger love. Who else?

NoRegrets said...

Avengers. They have better CGI...

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: You are in the majority here! Six for the Avengers.

6-1 Avengers.