Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Want to Show You the Outside

Hey, what's up? How's tricks? You alright? I'm good, I'm good...just having myself a Saturday. I come bearing gifts. Well, okay, not gifts exactly.  I come bearing some photos. Because it is Saturday, which means I've got some Saturday Scavenger Shots up in here!  This week's word is TRAIN, chosen by me.  The word appealed to me, because of the different ways in which it could be used.  Take a look -

I think when I first thought of TRAIN, I might have been thinking of all the upcoming TRAINing we'll have to do with the teen volunteers this summer. They will be TRAINed in important skills, such as using a paper cutter and a die-cut machine. I can already feel the excitment in the air!

Here is a little Thomas the Tank Engine rolling down his makeshift track. Thomas and friends are very popular among TRAIN loving toddlers and preschoolers. Personally, their little faces have always given me a bit of the creeps.

Here is a photo that I did not take. I got it off the Wikipedia page . It is actually a picture I've thought about taking for the past 10 years on and off :) I drive by this old TRAIN depot just about every day coming to and from work. It is such a pretty little building. It was the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Depot, built in 1926, but closed since 1972. I understand that it is going to be used again when the Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension comes through. This project has been going on for years, but by 2015, we may see light rail commuter TRAINs coming through this old depot again!

So, there you go. Some TRAIN stuff just for you. Don't go spending it all in one place now, ya hear? Choo choo!


Tara said...

My mom used to have an antique, miniature train depot that was made of metal. For such a long time I thought depot was pronounced "dee-pot".

Anyway, I love the photos; especially the first one and the one with the old train depot. I never thought of the other meaning for "train", but I'd love to be TRAINed on how to work a die-cut machine!

Secret Agent Woman said...

I am so with you on the creepiness of Thomas the Tank Engine and his ilk! I think they are the vehicular version of clowns. And I was frankly relieved that my sons were not interested.

But I kinda like real trains and especially love hearing them from a distance at night.

laura b. said...

Tara: I like that you worked in the band Train for your post!
Oh, you'd love the die cut machine! I know I do. It automatically makes anyone very crafty :)

Secret: Oh my goodness, yes! The vehicular version of clowns...exactly. My kids weren't into that either, phew!
I like real trains too. I live not far from a not terribly heavily used line and I love hearing the occasional train pass through.