Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blue Woman Group

I hate these sorrowful moods I can get myself into. Today is bad, mostly because I am tired I think.

Stayed up late-ish last night to finish watching American Idol. I know, whatever, I still watch it. (She pouted defensively) I was thrilled in an undignified way when lovely Phillip Phillips won over that shrieking child Jessica Sanchez.
He is cute. I like his voice, his style. He seems like a grounded and sweet young man. This is the first time someone I've picked out as my favorite has won American Idol.

Anyway, I was emotional about that for some reason.  In addition, DR and I had had an argument earlier in the evening, which seemed to be settled, but somehow also not. Then I had to get up extra early today to go sell my blood. It is worth it...a pint of blood to this place that designs filtration and delivery systems pays $85! But between not enough sleep, giving blood, feeling unsettled at home...well, I am kind of a wreck.

I guess the moral of this story glad you are on your own side of the screen. If we were together, you might have to watch me cry, and it ain't pretty :)

Tomorrow will be better. *fingers crossed*


silly rabbit said...

Oh dear. I do hope you are feeling much better by now. Sleeping peacefully perhaps. I used to give blood and it was exhausting to me. Now I can't. Thank you for selling yours... so many people may need it!

Maybe its because the man and I are still pretty new, but it seems like any argument, though we have never had a serious one, leaves me with a very unsettled feeling.

Its not like when I was young and married to X. Back then arguments were less mature but more quickly forgotten. I assumed that we were forever. Now I know that forever can end. I take these things more seriously. But that is me!

You are likely tired from the blood letting and I've no doubt that it has reduced your blood sugar, which has much to do with your moods, energy level and even thinking well.

Feel better please!

Secret Agent Woman said...

Oh, I'm sorry - those days are no fun when they hit. And I'm sure you're right that you just have no emotional reserves left from being worn out physically.

I hate fighting. I've yet to have one in this new relationship, but I know we will at some point. Right now, even a little silence leaves me unsettled and sad.

Tara said...

I was getting weepy earlier (over a random memory), so we could've been dueling cryers! It's healthy, but I'd prefer to laugh ourselves to tears instead.

I'm sorry you were feeling down, though. I hope things settle at home and you definitely need to recuperate from giving blood. I was wondering about the meaning of your FB status the other day about blood and science! Sounds interesting!

Anonymous said...

I'm emotional today as well, I actually teared up watching an episode of Monk.

laura b. said...

Silly: You got exactly what is going on. I am very used to a good argument, but in this relationship I definitely don't take forever for granted as I used to. Very astute of you. And of course, tiredness...
I am feeling better now, thank you.

Secret: I tend not to get enough sleep and eventually I feel it in the worst way.
I guess it has been so long since I've been in a new relationship that the uncertainty is killing me :)

Tara: It might be nice to have a weeping buddy...I bet we could really get each other going!
Thank you, things are more settled at home and I am feeling more rested. Whew.

Silver: I can imagine tearing up at Monk. Somedays EVERYTHING is just tender.

BrightenedBoy said...

Boy, am I with you on this. Maybe try to do something that calms and soothes you?

A special meal or relaxing walk might help. And a good night's sleep couldn't hurt, either. As to the whole Phillip Phillips thing, I have to disagree with you!

This is the problem with Idol: voters consistently pick nice, talented people who have no commercial viability at all. The last four winners or so, with the partial exception of Scotty McCreery, have all been duds.

The show that dubs itself "the Search for a Superstar" has only ever found two superstars: Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. And not to be mean, but two out of eleven is not great.

laura b. said...

BB: I am feeling much better, thank you. I did get some extra sleep over the weekend and I know that helped.
I understand what you are saying about AI. Several of their lower placing contestants have had more success than the winners.
Last year was a wash for me, as I am not a country music fan.
As for Phillip Phillips, I can't begin to guess what his career will be like, but I would definitely buy his music over the little yellers, Jessica and Joshua :)