Wednesday, May 2, 2012

But For Tonight, Forget It

Sorry I'm a bit late with it, but Wednesday Choose and Defend is here at last! And how about this? I am looking for a little romance. The magic. The heart-lifting, stomache-dropping rush that leads to some bump and grind....  Now what is your favorite way to get in the mood? Actually, I guess that is a silly question...who needs to get in the mood? Maybe more like...what is the nicest enhancement to the mood?

Barry White


See what I did there? Yeah, I'm a poet :) Anyway, just let the love flow and while you're at it...Choose and Defend. Personal stories are welcomed and encouraged! I love you, for reals baby.


Secret Agent Woman said...

Ya know, I normally would have said candlelight. But after this weekend, the music (and the dancing) may have just edged out candles for me.

Anonymous said...


Tara said...

Barry White and other musicians, definitely! I love that man's voice. I also like John Mayer's song "Wonderland". He doesn't exactly have a smoky, sexy voice like Barry, but I love the lyrics to that song.

With candlelight, I'd just be worried about burning the place down. That'll ruin the mood! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord. It's been so long since I had to get anyone in the mood but myself that I really don't know anymore. I think I'd go with music. The affectations of mood making -- candles, bubble baths, silk sheets, yada yada -- are so contrived. What's good about that is that they send a clear signal; the bad news is that they send a clear signal.

Music, on the other hand, can sneak up, which is much more seductive. "What is this? Oh, I like it. Has this been on the whole time? Wow, listen to that voice."

Sigh. I will now return to sobbing alone in a dirty undershirt beneath a bald lightbulb while listening to Barry White.

laura b. said...

Secret: I did like that story. I might even have had it in the back of my mind when I did this post! One for Barry White.

Silver: To the point! One for Candlelight.

Tara: I agree that there are lots of different reasons why music is effective :) haha! And worrying about a raging fire could kill the mood! Two for Barry White.

James: Hard to imagine, what with your smoove talkin' ways! Still, you make a very good point. Clear intentions can be awesome or, as I have learned, completely humiliating. Now, spin that record, DJ JOS. Three for Barry White.

Everyone: At present, we have our man Barry White in the lead over the seductive glow of candlelight. 3-1. I'd love to hear more...speak up. It is never too late for Choose and Defend Wednesday...and never too late for romance!

NoRegrets said...

Candlelight! beautiful shadows...

Secret Agent Woman said...

Except in my case, it happened to be Prince. Not the usual stuff of romance, but it worked. :-)

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: There is definitely something to be said for the right lighting! Two for Candlelight.

Now 3-2!

Secret: Hey, Prince bringing da sexy funk :-D