Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Milk and Stereo, Stereo, Stereo

Today is Wednesday, which means it is time to play Choose and Defend.  Let me get started....people have a lot of theories about food. Theories about what foods people like and even theories about the style in which food is eaten. DR has a string cheese theory in which he claims to be able to tell a lot about a person based on how they eat a piece of string cheese. Of course it is complete malarky...or not ;) But he isn't the only one with a theory!  I have one based on the kind of cartoon monster cereal you prefer.  So, I must ask you....which do you prefer, and why? Choose and defend!

Boo Berry

Count Chocula

Franken Berry

Finally, here is your chance to defend your love for cartoon monster cereal! Alternatively, here is your chance to tell us how horrid they all are, but at the same time coping to a preference for one above the others.

Choose and Defend Wednesday!!!!!


FW said...

I don't know these particular brands but going by looks, my vote is for Count Chocula (like the name too)!

Secret Agent Woman said...

I was never a fan of this line, but I do like Cocoa Puffs and Cocoa Krispies, so my vote is definitely for Count Chocula.

Anonymous said...

Because you insist, the choco one, but I will sit there and flip out every marshmallow. Hate those. Give me Life, Reese's Peanut Butter cereal, and Corn Pops!! - Cindy H

silly rabbit said...

Ha! I must agree with Cindy H. I hate those marshmallows with a passion. They squeak against my teeth and I make me cringe. So I choose none of these!
I like nice, simple Kix or Cheerie-os.

silly rabbit said...

oops... where did that unwanted I come from? They make me cringe. See, I even got flustered thinking about those marshmallows. =:/

Tara said...

Count Chocula, definitely. He combines one of my favorite horror movie themes, Dracula, and he's chocolate.

I do think the milk after eating a bowl of Franken Berry would taste good too, but I'm definitely voting for the Count.

Tara said...

PS: I'm interested in DR's string cheese theory!

laura b. said...

FW: The names are rather cute :) These cereals were big here in the 70s and 80s, but now they mostly market them strongly around Halloween. One for Count Chocula.

Secret: I like those other chocolate cereals too! Two for Count Chocula.

Cindy: But the marshmallows are delicious! I appreciate you choosing in spite of your repulsion ;-) Three for Count Chocula.

Silly: Who hurt you like that? haha! *sigh* Cheerios are okay, but Kix are the devil...

Tara: Vampires and chocolate are hard to beat, even with strawberry milk! :) I will do a little post on DR's String Cheese makes me laugh. Four for Count Chocula.

Everyone: Wow! My theory might be crap because I somehow hadn't guessed that so many people would show their love for the Count! So far he has 4 votes and the other fellows have a goose egg apiece. Please Choose and Defend if you have not...I want to hear more about of my favorite foods :)

Anonymous said...

As a kid I was a Frankenberry freak. Booberry sounded too close to a real food, and the lack of evolutionary imperative for a chocolate vampire's teeth to look like that was just too disturbing.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I'm sitting here giggling about silly rabbit's statement that she makes herself cringe!

laura b. said...

James: I can think of so few people who'd spot the flaw in reasoning for the Count's dental affliction.
When I read up on these cereals I was amused by the fact that in the 70s Franken Berry was popular because it turned poo bright pink! Good times. One for Franken Berry.

Secret: hee hee! Isn't that great? :)