Monday, May 14, 2012

Whiz Bang

Just wanted to do a quick post about my weekend. It was busy and went really quickly.

I worked on Saturday and it was a fun day because I presented a "Mothers Are Special" program. I really enjoy program days. Time flies by and it is very rewarding to provide a bit of entertainment for kids and their parents.

Everyone enjoyed a game where they tried to guess what you call the baby, mom, and dad of different types of animals. I think out favorites were the Opossums, which are called Joeys, Jills, and Jacks :)

After the stories, songs, games, and a short video, we got to everyone's favorite part of the program...the craft. I got some 16 oz heavy cardboard food containers with lids, a bunch of art supplies, and let them go to work decorating a little container for mom to keep her mom-things in! I reassured the kids that if their mom was there it was tomorrow she would have forgotten all about it and would be completely surprised when it was presented. I think most of them were satisfied with that :)

On Sunday, Mother's Day, lunch was at Chez laura b.  My mom's last day of work before retirement was Friday, so we also celebrated that! I made two different kinds of chili with all the fixings, including plenty of cornbread.  DR made cupcakes for dessert...they came out delicious. He concocted cherry and lime frosting, as well as the more traditional chocolate and vanilla.

After lunch we just sat around visiting while the little kids spun themselves into their little frenzies of activities. Luckily Auntie Girlie Girl was kind enough to take them out walking for a bit, plus she painted the girls' nails. Most of our guests left by mid-afternoon, but Kick Back Dude and the kids lingered. They actually ended up staying on until it was time to eat we got some pizza. It was a delightful Mother's Day.

Here is Miss Personality who took part in an Auntie Girlie Girl fashion show. Here she sports a short dress that Girlie Girl wore to some dance or another. On Miss Personality, it was more long and elegant. She walks disturbingly well in high heels. haha!  You can see my sister in this picture, and Girlie Girl, who has lost her head in the glare of the sun coming through the window. Such a pretty day!

I hope you all had a good weekend too.  The first part of this week will be jam packed for me, as we are doing a bunch of teen interviews to get our helpers in place for this summer. We're hoping we can get together about 35 or so kids to help us run the Summer Reading Program. That will be here before we know it....and for...what? The seventh (?) year in a row, you can read all the teeth gnashing and shenanigans that go along with that.

Also, notice the word this week, if you please. It is TRAIN. Lots of ways you could go there, right? Bet it makes you want to play!  OK TTYL XOXO


Secret Agent Woman said...

What a fun weekend. And I had never heard that adult make and female possums were called Jills and Jacks. Is that true for kangaroos, too, since their babies are Joeys? At any rate, now that I know their names I will feel much sadder when I see a dead possum on the road! :(

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a nice weekend, especially Mother's Day.

NoRegrets said...

Happy belated mother's day!!!

I really like that photo...

And good luck interviewing kids. What's the slang these days?

laura b. said...

Secret: It was, thanks!
Yes! Kangaroos are sometimes called Jacks and Jills too. Maybe it is a marsupial thing.
And don't feel too bad when they are run over...apparently 1 in 8 had rabies and they generally only live 2-4 years in any event.

Silver: Thank you. Glad you guys found time to celebrate as well :)

NoRegrets: Thanks!
Funny you should ask about slang...I was just noticing how there don't seem to be as many odd, verbal ticks as in past years. Not contantly ending sentences on an upward, question creating tone. No sudden "yeah!" at the end of each statement.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Your talking to someone who feels a little sad when she kills a fly, and they live like what - a day?

Tara said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

I loved your "Mother's Are Special" presentation, and I did not know that about opossums!

I'm a bit jealous that Miss personality already knows how to walk in heels.

laura b. said...

Secret: I understand. I am a great proponent of capture and release for bugs that wander indoors :)

Tara: Thanks Tara!
And I am jealous too...I have never gotten the hang of heels and am apparently not willing to put in the time and pain to become adept.