Saturday, May 26, 2012

I've Seen Trouble All My Days

Today is Saturday and I am at work. How wrong is that? Especially since this is meant to be a long weekend! will still be a long weekend in it's own way. I will be happy when Monday rolls around and there is no work. But let's talk about today. It is time for Saturday Scavenger Shots!
Tara, who blogs over at Eclectic Spaghetti, chose the word CONSTANT for this week. Isn't that a fine word? I like it quite a bit. I have been hearing Man of CONSTANT Sorrow in my head all week. Soggy Bottom Boys version :)

For Saturday Scavenger Shots, I am going with a happier kind of CONSTANT though. That which is CONSTANT in my life in the most positive of ways. 

My family, especially my family doing something goofy, is the biggest CONSTANT in my life. I cannot even imagine who I would be without my kids and grands. They are as CONSTANT as the North Star.

I am learning to look at DR as a CONSTANT source of love and support in my life. Sometimes little issues can seem overwhelming to me, but that is mostly about my own bad baggage. I'm going to plan to keep on following him and see where the trail takes us. It isn't CONSTANT fun, but it is pretty darn close :)

Here's hoping that when you look at the things most CONSTANT in your life, the good things far outweigh the bad!

I guess I will just go ahead and pick next week's word while we're here. Let's try....ZERO.


FW said...

I hope you are having a great holiday Monday!

laura b. said...

FW: Thank you! It was so nice to have that extra day. I think I need a genuine vacation :)

Tara said...

That's a great family you have there, and you need to take lots of credit for that success!

Always love your photos. I was totally clueless about what I was going to do with the word that I chose. Lol. I finally came up with something.

"Zero" will add up to something interesting!...Heh...yeah, I'll just leave now, that was too hammy.

laura b. said...

Tara: Thanks for your kind words, Tara! I think you handled the word perfectly...and you are an excellent photographer.
hee hee! I like ham.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Yes, family and love - wonderful constants to have!