Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our Voices Will Ring Together

I've dragged my ass to Wednesday somehow...and you have joined me! Yay! Time for some Choose and Defend, which always lights up my little life.  This Choose and Defend is about fantasies. I was thinking about when my children were very young. With my five, there were about 15 years when there was always someone who was 4 or under. Casting my mind back, I honestly believe that my fondest fantasy scenario during that time was someone saying to me "Let me take the baby out for a walk so you can fix dinner without someone fussing at your feet." haha! I'd stand there trying to prepare a meal for everyone, dreamily imagining the evening fusses handled by some imaginary loving partner :) Crazy. 

Things are different now, but of course I have other stresses in my life, as we all do. I kind of assume that everyone has their own 'happy place' that they can escape to for self-calming purposes. I also assume that these soothing, smile inducing scenarios are as varied as there are people in the world.  Still, I thought I throw a couple of things out there and see what most closely matches your go-to happy place. It won't be exact, but probably one will be closer than the other...right? Let's go with that.

Here is your Choose and Defend Wednesday...when you are stressed what is your happy fantasy most like?

Adoring Fans

Relaxing Beach

I think they both have their appeal! Being cheered on by people excited to see you just doing something you do well...yeah! Quiet warmth, peace, hmm! So let us here from you, please. What is your fantasy? After you Choose, feel free to tell us more in comments. More is always good :)  Choose and Defend!


Anonymous said...

Relaxing by the water, for sure, though sand occasionally adds to stress, so pool, at a free fancy resort - free for me - and my resulting tan would be even, and I'd wear crisp white to show it off. Cindy B

Anonymous said...

Embarrassing as it is I'll cop to "adoring fans." There's little in life that makes me feel as good as positive feedback on something I've written. Those little moments make dealing with real life's stressors somehow worth it.

I'm afraid that sitting on a relaxing beach would emphasize that I wasn't getting anything done, and I'd just end up more stressed.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I love having personal cheerleaders as much as the next person, but when I'm stressed I want peace. So definitely the tropical beach for me. Especially since I've see you've included two chairs so I can hang out with someone I love. Bliss.

Anonymous said...

That is a no brainer, the beach! I couldn't think of anything more stress inducing then by being in center of attention.

Tara said...

Right now, my fantasy is to just go home and stay there for the rest of the day. Nothing terrible is going on at work, but I'm just not feelin' it.

Anyway, I digress! :) I choose the relaxing beach. I'm sure that I could sit in a chair facing a lake or ocean and just zone out for hours.

FW said...

Beach for me too, a cold beer and a book will do also. And a shade, I don't want to burn!

laura b. said...

Cindy: For me, the most unrealistic part of that is the tan and the crisp white. haha! One for Relaxing Beach,

James: Part of why I blog is the supportive feedback, so I totally get it. Rrrraaaarrrrwww! One for Adoring Fans.

Secret: Absolutely! You fantasy, your choice of companionship or solitude! Two for Relaxing Beach.

Silver: Uh oh! Hopefully you'll be okay at your wedding :) Three for Relaxing Beach.

Tara: I'm feeling the same about work right now. I could use a break! Four for Relaxing Beach.

FW: Those things all sound great to me...and I definitely need shade. Five for Relaxing Beach.

Everyone: Look at this group, eh? 5-1 of you favor a Relaxing Beach fantasy over an Adoring Fans fantasy. I am, as ever, enjoying the answers you give! Anyone else want to fantasize?