Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday 5 - Similes

A Friday afternoon at work is like one of those slo-mo shots of Lee Majors running Six Million Dollar Man style. You are on the way somewhere you really want to be...but it feels like it is taking forever to get there! Thank Friday 5 for my similicious frame of mind. Let's see what I can do with these gems.

1. In what way is Tabasco like love?  Tabasco is like love because it gets your attention, makes things delicious, and sometimes it can hurt.

2. In what way is the beach like school?  The beach is like school because while there is a focus for your attentions, there are plenty of distractions compromising that focus.

3. In what way is the sky like your heart?  The sky is like my heart because no matter whether it is dark and turbulant or clear and bright, it is still the same place, fundamentally.

4.  In what way is your family like a box full of toys?  Some of them are colorful, some of them are cuddly, some of them are educational, some of them are a little dangerous, but they are all family and that box of toys.

5.  In what way is a cookbook like your ambitions?  In my particular case a cookbook is most like my ambitions in that they are both things that I don't consider all that often.

Okay...Happy Weekend everyone! Hope your weekend is like, playful kitten! Or something. I don't know. Hush.


Jasen Buch said...

Excellent answers to every question, especially the first one. I would have answered it pretty much the same way. The rest of them, I'm not sure how I would go about answering them.

Have a good, happy and fun weekend.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Those were fun. And yes, to the hot sauce/love comparison. Plus it can be hot!

silverthoughts2 said...

Love the cookbook one! Sounds like me.

Tara said...

Well done with this one, my intelligence locked up and retreated when I read the questions.

I love your answer about toys being like your family. Also, yeah, Friday is definitely like a a slo-mo Lee Majors; especially Friday mornings around here.

laura b. said...

Jasen: It is nice to see you around the blogs again :)
I had a good weekend...hope you did too.

Secret: Love should be hot, for sure ;-)

Silver: haha! We're just going with the flow.

Tara: Ah, the lockdown...I get that. A LOT. :)
Seems like by Friday the whole world is working at half speed.