Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday 5 - Food Treatments

Hey, Fridayites.  Made it through another week in one piece and to celebrate I guess I will do this here Friday 5 all about food.  You know me and food.  So, here we goes...

1. What’s your favorite pickled food?  Pickled cucumbers...also known as pickles :-)  I only like dill pickles.  Please take the bread and butter pickles, and especially the sweet pickles, with you when you leave! Thanks.

2. What’s your favorite dehydrated food?  I'm a little confused about what is actually considered a dehydrated food.  Rice?  I like rice.  Raisins are dehydrated grapes, right?  I like those, although calling them "nature's candy" always seemed a bit of a hard sell...

3. What’s your favorite covered-in-chocolate food?  A great many things, when covered in chocolate, become better.  But my favorite thing to cover in chocolate is ice cream.  This could be ice cream with chocolate sauce or hot fudge, or even ice cream bars covered with that chocolate shell.  It's all good.

4. What’s your favorite sauteed-in-garlic-and-butter food? I think I'll go with either potatoes or carrots.  I prefer for my vegetables to be a tad unhealthy.  Mmmmm....

5. What’s your favorite order-at-the-drive-through food?  Oh my.   Hard to choose a favorite, as I do enjoy the drive-through foods quite a bit.  You know what though?  I'm gonna go with a frosty chocolate milkshake.  You buy, I'll fly? 

Delicious, eh?  Now, I do understand that there was something going on with Blogger the past day or so.  SO.  If you were unable to comment on Choose and Defend Wednesday, I do hope you'll try again.  And stop in tomorrow!  If you do, I'll show you my FRUIT.  Thanks! 


Tara said...

Yeah, the dills are my favorite too. I might eat one bread and butter pickle if I'm abandoned in the middle of a desert and starving to death...Maybe.

I was wondering what happened, because I knew you had posted a new Choose and Defend this week, but didn't see it. Blogger can get irritatingly nutsy sometimes. Well, many times, actually.

secret agent woman said...

1) tiny pickles, sweet or dill.
2) most dried fruits.
3) banana split
4) escargot!
5) Not generally a fast food person but tonight my older son and I stopped at Sonic and got onion rings and chocolate shakes.

laura b. said...

Tara: haha! We have our pickle standards!
Yeah, darn Blogger. It does have its moments.

Secret: I have never had escargot. It scares me a little, I'll admit it.
Onion rings and chocolate shakes, though...I can get behind that :-)