Wednesday, June 23, 2010

They Bought a Round For a Sailor

Choose and Defend Wednesday is here and my brain is all fried.  So, this is what you'll get and like!  Let's say you want a pet.  Just say you do.  But you can't have a dog or a cat this time.  What will you choose as your darling pet?  (Now three choices for you pleasure...ooooohhhhh, luxurious!)




Reptile / Amphibian

Feel free to elaborate in your answer, as much as you like.  Remember, we call this Choose and Defend.  Therefore, please to Choose.  And then Defend said choice to the best of your ability.  Thanks for playing!!!


Churlita said...

I think I'll go with fish. They're quiet and pretty easy to take care of.

FW said...

I go for fish, our only pets are fish. My son wants a new fish so that he can call it Anakin (after Anakin Skywalker).

dmarks said...

I go for the canary. More useful. like an early warning system. Remember "canary in a coal mine".

Tara said...

Reptile, please! I've had birds as pets, they're loud and messy, and I've had fish and they're quiet and kind of boring.

Reptiles aren't much different, but they are....different....I guess. :)

KenV said...

Fish. Because they're quiet and kind of boring. ;) Salt water tanks are cool, but heck if I would want to maintain one.

I could do a reptile. Sure wouldn't pay for it though. Just catch one of the salamanders around here.

I just think there's something wrong with clipping a birds wings and putting it in a cage. And they're a mess.

crazy4coens said...

Fish! I've had goldfish before and enjoyed them very much. I had one bird, it dies and no reptiles. We do have various lizards outside, however. I also have fish on my blog ;-)

Ananda girl said...

Oooh... tough choice. I had a silly and fun parakeet for 13 years that I adored. I've had eleven lizards. The horney toad was my favorite.

I've had fish... a couple of Betas with real personality. I know hard to believe, but Ted would even come up so you could rub his head!

I am thinking that I would like to have a koi pond. I hear that they will eat out of your hand and know their names. Kind of like water dogs. But mostly, I think I want them for the relaxation effect. They are so colorful and elegant.

laura b. said...

Churlita: Good call on that. One for Fish.

FW: haha! That sounds like a great fish name! Two for Fish.

Dmarks: Oh, I like that. Make your pet earn it's keep! One for Bird.

Tara: I like that you want to try something new :-) One for Reptile.

KenV: I notice the mess/bird thing came up more than once and it is so true. Three for Fish. [not saltwater :-) ]

Crazy4Coens: We have lizards outside too. I finally got a picture of one! Four for Fish.

Ananda: You are Queen of Pets it looks like! You have experienced them all and then some. A koi pond sounds wonderful. Five for Fish.

Everyone: Clearly Fish have taken the day here at Fresh Hell, with 5 votes. Birds and Reptiles only have 1 vote apiece, thus far. Feel free to comment and vote if you haven't!

secret agent woman said...

I have two 55=gallon aquariums - one with small schooling tropical fish and one with larger tropical fish. SO fish is obviously my choice. But a couple of years ago I had a pet python for a while. He was a beauty, but one of my sons was freaked out by him.

laura b. said...

Secret: Aquariums can be some work to maintain, but they are so beautiful and relaxing to watch.
I've never had a snake for a pet and they don't frighten me, but if they required live food it might freak me out a little.
And Six for Fish :-)

Sebastien Millon said...

I would take a bird but I don't have the heart to keep it in a cage. It's a tough one... Be pretty cool to have an owl though. Could let him fly around the house and hoot at night. Freakin awesome.

laura b. said...

Sebastien: Yeah, who says your bird has to be caged? An owl is very Harry Potter of you! Two for Birds.