Monday, June 28, 2010

One Down, Five to Go

That is....weeks in our fabulous Summer Reading Program.  So far things seem to be going very smoothly.  *knocking on wood* 

I had Friday off, so me, Girlie Girl, and Handsome Lad went out to lunch at the Golden Dragon, which is kind of our place.  Then we hit the thrift store.  I really needed a new comforter for my bed.  I have one that I love, but it is seriously about to fall apart.  I found this light weight quilt for only $4.99 - 

What do you think?  I really like it and I couldn't pass it up at that price!

After that, we went to the movie and saw Grown Ups, which was about what you'd expect it to be...a nice diversion. 

I worked on Saturday and it was a really, really busy day.  We had a magician come do a couple of shows and they were very well attended.  In spite of the crowds, it was a fine day and the public seemed pleased. 

Sunday the kids and I joined Kick Back Dude and his lot at the park.  The weather was so nice.  It was hot, but pleasant in the shade.  In the morning, as I was trying to get my laundry going, I finally got a picture of one of my little friends.  They live in the ivy in front of my building and come out to sit on the sidewalk and warm up in the heat of the day. 

I think of them as my little no frills pets :-)  Hi Sparky!  haha!

I am, of course,  missing DR a lot and it is worst on the weekends, but I am trying hard to keep my mind occupied.  And I'm so glad to have a free mobile to mobile plan.  I do love our phone talks. 

So, how about you guys?  Any great new purchases?  Seen any good movies lately?  How's your lizard population?  When the phone rings do you get a little excited or a little annoyed?  Do tell.


crazy4coens said...

first of all - i got rid of our home phone because i could not take any more calls from people i did not want to talk to. i ignore calls on my cell from numbers i don't recognize, either.

second of all - i can't buy anything until the first of the month. i'm looking forward to going grocery shopping at costco....

thirdly - thanks for being you!

AlienCG said...

Unfortunately, Cleveland doesn't have a lizard population, but I did buy a new camera. I like the quilt, great theme.

Busy helps make the time go faster. It will make the year without DR go much faster.

Tara said...

Wise purchase on that comforter! It's out of this world! Hehe.

I was able to knock down my health insurance premium so that it's more affordable! Then the next day I had my yearly review and my former manager gave me a great review! So hopefully that will mean a raise.

When the phone rings it's usually my mom, so I'm usually happy. Sometimes if it rings at night, though, it makes me anxious.

secret agent woman said...

I don't make up my mind about how I feel about the phone ringing until I look at the caller ID.

Love that quilt! No new purchases that I can think of.

And my lizards are well, thank you. I see one on my porch pretty frequently.

MrManuel said...

I haven't been on blogs in a while, so where did DR go?

laura b. said...

C4C: I don't have a landline either and I NEVER miss it. I also usually don't anwer unknown calls on my cell.
I am now on spending standby until about ten days from now myself :-)
And thanks for being so nice to me, C4C. Can't tell you how it warms my heart.

AlienCG: Your new camera seems AWESOME. I hope it give you lots of pleasure.
Yes, busy has its good points and one is passing the time :-)

Tara: hee hee! Thanks!
Congratulations on the lower premiums and the great review. It is wonderful to feel valued like that...even more wonderful if there is cash involved...
Oh, late night calls. Good things so seldom come of them.

Secret: I am not much of a phone talker, so even when it is someone I like I get a little itchy when I hear the phone.
How cool to have a lizard come calling. Mine seem to have a pretty limited range for their protection :-)

MrManuel: It's great to see you here. DR has returned to North Carolina to tend to some family business. I'm not counting on him returning in less that 11 months at this point.

Churlita said...

I used to love catching lizards when I was a kid.

I'm Sorry you're missing DR so badly. I hope your time apart goes quickly.

MrManuel said...

11 months?!? Holy crap! Hope that all goes well and he returns sooner rather than later.

laura b. said...

Churlita: We had a little gecko when I was a kid. He was a wonderful pet :-)
Thanks, Churlita. Me too.

MrManuel: Yes, he's been gone a bit over a month. Sometimes it already seems like he was never even here.
I'm not holding out much hope for it to be any shorter, unfortunately.