Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In the Time of Chimpanzees, I Was a Monkey

Well, come.  Welcome to Choose and Defend Wednesday.  Your chance to tell it like it is and make the rest of us understand!  Today I was thinking about the ways in which people respond to music.  I believe it has been established that people who don't like music have no soul, and none of us fit into that category!  But when listening to a song...what is it that you tend to respond to most strongly?  What are you really listening to?

The Music

The Lyrics

Tell me about it.  What is your particular pleasure?  Even if it is both, see if you can't find one at least slightly more compelling than the other, won't you?  Choose and Defend!


AlienCG said...

Most of the time it's the lyrics that pull me toward a song. I love good lyrics with deep meaning. So I am going to say LYRICS.

...but, that is not to say that I have those favorite songs where the music just hits me like a freight train.

secret agent woman said...

Both! But I have a slight leaning toward lyrics, and ten dot quote them in my posts. Can't say I care for this particular set here but lyrics often speak to me. And yet - I also really respond to some music, and love to hear my son play. Both!

FW said...

I have to go for the music on balance because I really enjoy a good guitar riff and drum rhythm. Although, it depends a lot on mood - if I'm feeling angsty I can't imagine The Clash songs having any impact without lyrics.

Tara said...

I'd have to say it's the music, most of the time. Some lyrics are wonderful, but the beat of that song is what usually attracts me first.

Churlita said...

it depends what I'm doing when I'm listening to the music. If dancing, then the music. If writing, then the lyrics. Mostly the music, because I have it on as background so much at home.

Ananda girl said...

Hard to choose on this one. I love both. However, since I cannot carry a tune or properly recall a melody, I can recall lyrics! So I guess I have to vote for the words.

laura b. said...

AlienCG: I think that makes sense, as you are a writer. One for Lyrics.

Secret: You are trying to kill me, right? I am going to pick this response apart and say that you slightly prefer to be....Two for Lyrics. More words were used. It had to be done :-)

FW: I know it can be hard to separate out what we're really getting out of certain songs, but you made a good effort! One for Music.

Tara: There we go! A girl who knows what she likes! Two for Music.

Churlita: Thank you for working your way through that. Songs have so many uses and ways to be appreciated. Three for Music.

Ananda: hahaha! Oh, I am the exact same way. When someone asks me - what song is such and such? I can NOT in any way replicate the tune, ever! It is a special disability I have I guess. Three for Lyrics.

Everyone: A tie, a tie! We need some more votes to shake things up in here. Come on and Choose and Defend!!!

Sebastien Millon said...

music, I like the rhythm, beat, instruments...