Friday, June 4, 2010

What's Next?

Yesterday evening after work, I went to a little school event for Handsome Lad.  All the kids who had maintained a 3.0 or above for three quarters (as fourth quarter grades aren't yet in) were invited to an award ceremony.  I was so proud of him.  This year has truly been an exceptional year for him as far as school goes.  It makes me think that I had the right idea when I attributed most of his academic struggles to lack of focus and immaturity.  But whatever was going on in the past, was not going on this year and he has really shone at school. 
Handsome Lad with his Academic Award.  Why is he in front of the boys' restroom door?  The world may never know.
Anyway, it was fun to go to a Middle School event.  There is something very touching about kids that age.  They are almost universally awkward and incredibly self-conscious.  Even the children who you can just tell are going to be beauties tend to be all jutting elbows and sort of lurching walks at 12 and 13.  Even though Middle Schoolers have a notoriously difficult reputation among teachers and parents, there is also something that is still sweet and earnest about them.   Made me sad that my youngest only has another year before he's off to the wilds of High School.  After the ceremony , I stood around a bit with WTG and Handsome Lad and then we went our separate ways.  As always, it was hard to watch Handsome Lad walk off with WTG.  I just felt very alone at that moment and jealous, as I always am, of how close the two of them are.  But I know that Handsome Lad is well and happy and I remind myself that is what matters, not how I feel.  

Tonight I had planned to go to Supper Club with some friends from work, but when Kick Back Dude called and asked if I'd babysit for a while, I decided I'd rather do that.  Feeling like I need some love more than I need Dave & Busters.  Dave & Busters!  I really don't have a lot of desire to go to a Chuck E Cheese for adults.  Maybe next month they will choose somewhere more tempting and then I might have to say yes to Supper Club and no to babysitting. 

So what are you saying yes to this weekend?  Whatever it is, I hope it's great!

PS- I am still doing my poem a day, but I have moved them to a separate page.  Check them out if you feel inclined.  Thanks.


secret agent woman said...

Oh, good for him!!

laura b. said...

Secret: Thanks. It is wonderful to see his growth.

Churlita: He is great, thanks :-)
And good for you for saying 'yes'. Seems like the more interesting and exciting way to go...

Tara said...

Congratulations to your Handsome Lad!

I'm sorry you weren't able to go to Supper Club, that sounds really nice. Dave & Buster's is a fun place when you go or meet up with the right group of people and have enough time to regress for awhile. Thankfully, no singing rats are involved.

NoRegrets said...

He's in front of the sign and not even mimicking it!
Hi... bye...

laura b. said...

Tara: I will definitely try to go next time...even if it is Dave & Busters again :-) Thanks.

NoRegrets: I know, right! Hi! Wait, don't go! haha!