Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Well, It Had to End Sometime

 But, all in all, it was a lovely long weekend.  It was unfortunate that it was my first weekend in several months without DR, but that is going to be a fact of life for the next little bit, so I am getting on as best I can.
 Here is my latest Sebastien tee.  
It says, "Look at all these little rabbits. 
They've come for your soul."  
Love Bug made a game of giving them all names.

Saturday, I went and saw Iron Man 2.  It was like a long distance date, because DR went and saw it too, so we could talk about it later.  I wasn't as enthused about it as I was about the original, but it had some great moments for sure.

Sunday I spent the afternoon at the park with some of the kids and grandkids.  It was such an incredible weekend weatherwise.  Family stuff is good right now and I feel so thankful for that.

Monday we centered the day around gathering to eat.  For lunch, my mom took a whole crew of us out to McDonalds.  I know, fancy!  But their fillet o' fish IS bomb diggity.  Or, I mean, it's okay...   Then for dinner WTG had everyone over for BBQ.  It was quite a feast.  I even baked a couple of pies!  And by baking, I mean I took them out of the freezer and put them in the oven for a little over an hour.  Hey, you have to keep an eye on those things! haha!

And every evening, DR and I have a good long phone talk.  He's not online yet over thar, and I have never been much of a phone talker, but I find I am enjoying that part of my day very much.  Sometimes being side by side, you let conversation slide, but now I find we have plenty to say and I also find that I appreciate that more than I would have guessed.

And look here...it is already Talk Talk Tuesday.  Of course, I will be confused all week, but I can surely keep up with my little blog situations :-)
We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, 
and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.
  -Robert Lewis Stevenson

I hope you all had a great long weekend and that your lives are filled with honest friends.  Talk Talk!


AlienCG said...

You are becoming the regular Sebastien patron. Love the shirt.

I've heard mixed reactions for Iron Man 2. Not sure if this is going to be a date movie or a Netflix rental.

The weather was gorgeous here for most of the weekend as well. It rained a bit on Memorial Day itself, but we didn't get caught in it.

It's good to know that you two are talking every day and it should get easier when he finally gets hooked up. Have a good Mond...er...Tuesday.

Pamela said...

I like that - long distance date. You guys will work through it.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if the film is good or not when you get to stare at Robert! *swoon*
I love your tee! I love Sebs work and I need to get sorted out and buy some!
So cute that the bunnies got names.
Its hard to be apart from someone when you are so much happier with them close... you'll be fine. Time you get to spend together will be 100 times more worth the wait! xx

Churlita said...

Love the shot and you look very hot in it.

I had a Fillet o'fish this weekend and I hadn't had one in years. Weird.

Ananda girl said...

I had a great weekend but a lousy start to my work week today. Oh well.

I have not seen Iron Man 2 yet, but hope to soon.

There is great comfort in hearing the sound of a voice you miss... and in family!

Tara said...

You know...I know fast food is frowned upon by many people, but I get a nice feeling when I think about McDonald's and other places. I guess it's comfort food for me! And the fact that it brings family together is even better.

I have fallen behind on my collection of Sebastien-ware. This month isn't the best for spending a lot of money on anything but bills for me, but I'd like to buy more T-shirts soon.

laura b. said...

AlienCG: I am definitely a Sebastien fan.
I guess I would say go ahead and see Iron Man 2, if you guys are into lots of explosions :-) I know many people like that more than me.

NoRegrets: So far (which isn't very far yet, I know) we are doing well. Thank you.

Daffy: Well, I will say that Robert was looking fully hot. Maybe did make it worthwhile :-)
I do often think about how amazing it will be to see DR after our time apart...whew.

Churlita: Aw! The less of me in the picture, the better :-D
Love the fillet o' fish!

Ananda: I hope your week has gotten better.
Do you guys like going to movies?
And yes, my family is a great comfort to me when I'm feeling pathetic.

Tara: Thanks for saying that, I am a bit of a fast food affecionado, although I know it can be unhealthy. It has it's good points :-)
I so rarely buy new clothes. My Sebastien tees are a great treat.