Friday, June 18, 2010

Middle, But Not Middle of the Road

Today is Cory's Social Animal's 21st birthday.  Unbelievable!
Here is the Social Animal making a weird face and wearing a shirt that I HATE. 
One of the boys (I don't think it was him), had this shirt years ago and I made it disappear.  Apparently they never forgave me.  haha!

Social Animal is such a wonderful son. Sure, he's had his scrapes, but I will say he takes responsibility.  I think what I might appreciate most about Social Animal is the effort he makes to stay connected to everyone in the family.  He is at an age, and of a tempermant, where there is a lot of doing his own thing.  Yet, I can count on him to show up to family events, even small ones.  He is wonderful with his nieces and are always drawn to him and he seems to recognize that is kind of a privilege.  He is also one of those super thoughtful gift givers, who always seems to get it right.  I'm not sure where he gets that!   He is charming, no way around that.  He has maintained friendships with people he knew as a toddler and makes new friends wherever he goes. 

It is funny, but he has a little bit of a thing about being the only one of our children who was not given a 'family' name.  When he was expected, we were considering the name Cody, but then WTG decided that sounded like a trouble maker.  haha!  I have no idea why.  But anyway, the Coreys were very popular then and we were talking about that sort of jokingly, but then realized we did like that name...simple y ending though.  So that was the name he got and even though he likes it, he also likes to have a bit of a pout about it :-)

I can't wait to see what the next 21 years are like for my Social Animal.  Something tells me it is going to be a very interesting ride.  Happy Birthday!!!


Tara said...

Happy Birthday to Social Animal!! I love that T-shirt.

Corey is a great name! It sounds friendly. My nephew's name is Cody, and yup he's a trouble maker! Hehe. No, he's a great kid, actually.

secret agent woman said...

Happy birthday to him. I always find it interesting the process people go through to name their kids.

laura b. said...

Tara: haha! I'm not sure what that trouble maker thing was about, but I still like the name Cody too :-)

Secret: Thanks. Yes, I like to hear those stories too.

Churlita said...

As you know, my last name is the trouble maker name...So, Corey was a better choice. Happy belated to your social animal!

laura b. said...

Churlita: I know! And I do like that name. WTG has his notions.
Thanks :-)

Ananda girl said...

Happy belated birthday to SocialAnimal!!!

laura b. said...

Thanks Ananda :-)