Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You Are Getting Sleepy...Sleepy...Sleepy....

It is only Tuesday and I am one tired pup. Probably the price of getting all het up about the car. And not getting enough sleep. Ever. Actually, most of the time, not getting enough sleep doesn't seem like much of a hardship. I think right now I am just kind of cycling through a little low ebb or something. It's been rainy, it is just about that time o' the month, I've felt extra busy at work, I'm dealing with my new driver...I think there are a number of explanations. I know this fatigue will pass and I will feel renewed at some point. And just knowing that, feeling sure of it, is very helpful. Look here at how old and wise I'm getting, right before your very eyes! Ooooohhhh! Well, old at least... :-D Anyway, I hope you are all getting enough rest. If you are, send some energy my way. If you're not, let's commiserate.


Tara said...

It's around my "time" too, and also a coworker mentioned hers. Let's all synchronize, shall we? We're synchronized!

Not getting enough sleep can sometimes have a very interesting effect on my sense of humor. If it hits me just right I will laugh hysterically at the dumbest things. It's fun.

I hope you do manage to get in some sleep, soon! If not, slip under a desk somewhere and take a nap like George Costanza did on "Seinfeld".

Churlita said...


I'm exhausted too. I'm tired all day, and then the minute I lie down, my brain goes on overdrive and I can't fall asleep.

k_sra said...

Hi Laura, I'm nominating you to give us this week's Scavenger Word! Are you up to the challenge? Stop by my blog to post your response PLEASE! Thank you. : )

(now I must go nap... so tie, tie)

Pamela said...

It's one of the reasons I am kinda glad I won't have kids. Not sure I could deal with lack of sleep. I soooo need regular sleep.

laura b. said...

Tara: I am always amazed by the syncing up thing!
I know just what you mean with the hysteria...I call it getting punch drunk :-) It is one of the pluses of exhaustion.
Oh, and I love the Costanza under-the-desk napping suggestion! Now, where is that carpenter....

Churlita: In sync! (Not N'Sync...that would just be wrong)
I guess I am lucky in that when it is finally possible to go to bed I can sleep no matter what. *knock on wood* :-)

K_Sra: Thank you! I am all over it and will announce a word ASAP. Nighty night :-)

NoRegrets: I can see where it could be a deal breaker in some cases. Sleep is one of the first things to go, starting before the baby is even born. Gah.