Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

I know that I don't experience true cold, but keeping in mind that it is all's been pretty cold lately. Especially at night. So, for today's Choose and Defend Wednesday, I thought I'd try and find out how you all handle the long, cold nights. I'm taking a warm body out of the equation...not because I want to, but it simply isn't an option for me right none of you get to exercise that option here either. haha! I'm kidding. You can tell us about your snuggle bunny if you like. But, you must also Choose and then Defend one of my selected options.

So. How do you prefer to keep warm? What is your pleasure?

Something electrical, such as an electric blanket or even turning up the heat at night for pure sleeping comfort?

Piling on the blankets, wearing extra's all about the body heat for sleeping comfort?
Come on, now. Tell us all about how YOU make it through these three dog nights :-) Oh, and if you use the dogs, you can tell us about that too... Just make sure you Choose and Defend!


Tara said...

Aw, I gotta pile on the extra covers. It is now one of the only perks of Winter. Have that window open a bit so that the cool air comes into my hot apartment and then cover all up in a shield of comforters and quilts when it's time to go to bed. It's awesome.

Churlita said...

Can I choose both? I hate being cold. I crank up the heat and then sit under a gigantic comforter.

daffy said...

I'd say a hot bath... but it's not an option so I'll go, Electric Blanket! I have a story about electric blankets... kind of. I'll have to tell you one day it's funny. Did you ever get my card I sent or did I send it to the wrong house? :o)

laura b. said...

Tara: Fresh air? When it starts to cool down, my apartment becomes unfamiliar with the concept. haha! Your method sounds great through! One for many blankets.

Churlita: Since you live where it is actually cold, you can have both :-) It only seems fair.

Daffy: Oh, I love hot baths too. And I am going to insist on hearing this electric blanket story!
And yes, I am so rude...I did get your card! Thank you. I keep meaning to write back and I will.

Everyone: Well, so far it is a three way tie. 1 for many blankets, 1 for electric blankets, and 1 for everything warming. Some more of you better come round and break this thing up.

Pamela said...

Blankets and sweaters, since I'm a cheapskate. But not electric blankets, because I'm a cheapskate.

Anonymous said...

I gotta go with the extra covers. I don't need to expand my gas bill anymore than it already is.

laura b. said...

NoRegrets: Tie breaker! The cheapskate votes extra blankets!

AlienCG: I hear you. Another cheapskate. Blankets.

Everyone: I call you cheapskates with the greatest affection, because I am totally one too :-) I never use the heat at night...I'm all bundled with blankets and long johns. Sexy. So now, multiple blankets are totally spanking electric options, 4-1, with 1 voting for both. Any other takers for this intellectual discussion? Hm?

k_sra said...

When my bunny is not here to snuggle (which is often), it's about pj's and covers. electric blankets scare me a little and I get overhot when the heat is cranked up.

Blankets are totally winning this one!

laura b. said...

K_Sra: Between the regular style blankets and the ice cube trays, there are a number of us who are a regular bunch of Luddites. haha!