Thursday, February 5, 2009

Project 5, Finally

I was tagged for this project a bit ago by Daffy at Almost There. I think it is a great tag for me, because it involves:

Setting yourself 5 Projects (+1) defining those projects and then tagging 5 people to do the same. (+1 being regular updates).

I am not going to tag this time, because I know how busy everyone is. However, I encourage you to participate. I mean, who couldn't use some goals! Some of my goals might sound familiar and I apologize for that. Still, they are things I really want to move towards.

1. Become More Informed. I need to be more cognizant of what is going on in the world around me. I am almost always woefully ignorant of...well, a lot of things. I want to be more informed politically, from local to world government. I like to bury my head in the sand, but I am trying to get away from that. I'm going to work hard on reading more news, seeking out information on topics that interest me, reading more non-fiction, and learning new things.

2. Think More About My Health. I have always had such good fortune with my health *knock on wood*, but in a few days I will be 46 years old. I haven't been to the doctor in probably ten years. I know...I know that is just wrong and even dangerous. I need to start doing some various basic maintenance. An annual physical, pap smear, mammogram, blood work, whatever! It is foolish to assume that as long as you feel okay everything is okay. So, this is a pretty high priority goal for me.

3. Save For a Rainy Day. Historically, it has been virtually impossible to me to set money aside. The reality is that every penny I earn is put to use in day to day living expenses. And I am no spendthrift and am in no way an extravegant person. Still, I am going to have tighten my belt further. These are uncertain times...among the most uncertain I can remember weathering in my adult life. If I lost my income right now, I would be destroyed pretty quickly, because there is nothing to fall back on. Before this point in my life, I have felt more secure. I've never lost a job, but before I always felt if I did, well I would get another. In this economy, I can't pretend that would necessarily happen! At least not quickly enough. So. Save until it hurts, then save a little more.

4. Don't Sit Home If I Have a Chance to Go Out. I'm a homebody, I admit it. My inclination is to relax there whenever possible. When I am invited somewhere, I generally have to struggle to talk myself into going. I know it is kind of ridiculous, but I guess that is just my nature. I am going to keep fighting against that inclination and just go! Once I'm out there, I very rarely regret it. Most often I'm very glad I went. It is just getting there. Nike's motto is mine - Just do it. :-)

5. Live In the Moment. I think everyone becomes aware of this one from time to time...that life is just flying by and we aren't actually fully experiencing any of it! Then, there are those moments of hyper-awareness - I am walking, I feel my body working efficiently for me, the sky is stippled with clouds, I feel the cool air on my skin and breath it in....very zen, you know? And in one of those moments you want so much to hold onto that feeling...but you never do. Still, I want to try and be aware. It seems important and worth doing.

Okay! So, those are my Project 5 goals. Let me know what you think, if anything. Consider posting yours...or at least consider giving me some words of encouragment if you can find it in your heart. :-D


Tara said...

One of my goals is to do this meme too, because Daffy also tagged me awhile ago.

Your goals are almost just like what I should be setting up. Especially the putting money away for a rainy day.

I'm a home body too and am always torn between staying home in slippers or getting up to go some place with friends. I love my friends but sometimes I just don't have it in me to leave my home.

Pamela said...

Whew, those be some big goals! You don't have to complete them all in one week, do you?

and btw, where is that boy looking on the cover of that book?

Churlita said...

I have worked really hard on # 4 in the last year and it has been good for me. I've made some great friends by getting out more, and saw how easy it was to get a date if I wanted one. Repeat my mantra: "When in doubt, go out."

MrManuel said...

Those all sound like wonderful goals. Good luck with that! I cannot do that as I know I won't succeed. :-)

laura b. said...

Tara: It is a pretty optimistic meme. I do hope that having some ideas in writing will help me.

NoRegrets: haha! I am thinking they are pretty long term goals :-)

I'm not sure exactly where he's looking, but he does look like he needs help...

Churlita: You have taken #4 to heart and I am going to try to also. That is a great mantra...when in doubt, go out.

MrManuel: Thank you. I don't know if I will succeed, but I am willing to try. They're all going to be for my own benefit after all.