Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Waiting for Godot

Or maybe waiting for something or someone less existential. You are waiting. In, say, a waiting room. With magazines! But only a couple of choices. Because today is Wednesday and you only get a couple of choices on Wednesday. Wednesday means that it is time to Choose and Defend!

So what are you going to read while you are waiting?


Or People?

Oh, and just say that for once they are both completely current! What are you going to use to kill that wait time? Choose and Defend! And thanks again for playing :-)


AlienCG said...

As long as it's current, I will choose Time. I would prefer to read about current events rather than celebrities.

evil-e said...

The proverbial rock and a hard place....

I guess I would have to go with Time, though I hate that magazine. People is nauseating to me.

Option C: get little notebook out of my backpack and observe the other waiters!!

Tara said...

I wish I could say that I'd choose the more educational Time magazine, but nope. If I'm waiting and I choose to read something, I want to read about stupid celebrities and look at their photos. So I choose "People".

NoRegrets said...

People magazine all the way. In part because I would NEVER pay money for it. In part because you can read it cover to cover in 15 minutes. In part because you need to be current on all the latest celebrity crap for cocktail conversation - yeah, that's it...

Churlita said...

I would totally read People. I love that shit. It's so stupid, yet so entertaining all at the same time.

laura b. said...

AlienCG: A man who likes the facts! I like that.

Evil-E: There is no Option C! Well, okay, for you. You may take notes.

Tara: I think People can be very educational too!

NoRegrets: That is a very good defense for your choice of People. Well done :-)

Churlita: Yes, and why not enjoy the wait, right?

Everyone: So far, we have three very strong defenses for People, one strong man for Time (and me, cause I enjoy Time sometimes), and of course, E, who will be documenting it all for posterity. Any other voices to be heard?