Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fan Letter

Over at Eclectic Spaghetti, today is Fan Letter Day! So, here is my heartfelt fan letter.

Dear My Boring Life Readers and Commentors,

You guys are so cool. Whenever I feel bad, all I have to do is write about it and you think of things to say that make me feel better! It is the most amazing thing. Well, maybe not the most amazing thing...maybe that would be getting to read all of your awesome blogs. I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading each and every one of your blogs. I try, now and again, to express my appreciation in comments. Still, I wanted to take this opportunity to make sure you all know how rockin' and kickass and....radiant you are! I swear, I am President of your Fan Club. If you are ever in my town, I will totally invite you to play at my prom.

Your biggest fan,
♥ laura b @ My Boring Life


AlienCG said...

Always glad to read, comment and blog for your enjoyment. It's very kind of you to write this fan letter.

Tara said...

Dear Laura:

Can I have your autograph, because you rock, and I love your work! :)

Most sincerely,

Churlita said...

I think the love is sent right back atcha. I love your blog.

minijonb said...


where do we plug in our amps to play the prom?

Anonymous said...

I can only play the spoons? Will that be alright?
Dear Laura,
Many thanks for the thanks but I'm afraid I have to tell you that your wonderful entries, even the ones when you feel down just help me to realise that there are days when we all feel a bit blue or a bit off colour. Having you means we are never alone with our worries. We all get to share them and then we don't feel so bad.
Yours Truly,
One of your fans. :o)

laura b. said...

AlienCG: I couldn't let such a perfect opportunity pass me by.

Tara: Dear Toro, Thank you for your interest in our work. Please find enclosed an autographed photo. Enjoy!
Stay cool,
laura b.

Churlita: Yay! Thanks!

MiniJonB: Why do I keep hearing Beck's voice saying - What about those who swing both ways? AC/DC?

Daffy: Spoons would be totally awesome at the prom :-)
It always does really help, no matter what the situation, to not feel like you are alone.

evil-e said...

....Because Davy Jones is not available

Thanks for the blog-love. Right back at you times two.