Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Social Animal

Here he is, a man with a mission. His mission? To enjoy himself as much as possible, while at the same time becoming successful...and all while making it look easy. Social Animal is turning 19 today. Up until he was school age, I called him my high maintenance kid. He kept me running constantly. He was the little guy who would color on the walls with lipstick and stick a bean up his nose...into everything, ALL THE TIME. He was able to refocus his energies once he entered school and became a very high achiever, and he really did it with a great deal of ease. I never really saw him struggle over anything. And even then, he was definitely a social animal, always surround by friends. As he went beyond little boyhood into his teen years, he got in a few of the usual scrapes, but he always somehow made things right. He played football for all four years, very nearly kept a 4.0...but not quite, because he just wasn't that concerned! See, be it fortunate or unfortunate, he seems to have inherited my rather lackadaisical attitude towards success. He is a get-by kind of guy who is lucky enough to have both the brains and the panache to look great cruising.

Now, at 19, he is restless and eager to get on with his adult life. College has bored him to this point. This summer he is doing a training course so that he can pass the State Certification test to become an EMT. He wants to get started on a career and somehow, no matter what road he chooses, I have a feeling that he will be successful.

Tonight, I am taking him and whoever else he wants to include out for dinner. Then, back to my place for cake and ice cream. He hasn't yet chosen where he wants to go or how many people are coming, but I can be flexible. I just want to give him a nice evening. My red haired boy deserves it :-) Happy 19th Social Animal!


minijonb said...

happy happy joy joy!!!

happy b-day to S.A.

evil-e said...

Focused and makes it look pretty easy is the way to go. I have done OK being that way as well.

Hope you have fun with the birthday.

AlienCG said...

He's got the right idea when it comes to his mission. Becoming successful while enjoying yourself and making it look easy is the ultimate formula.

Happy Birthday, Social Animal, show everybody how to do it.

Tara said...

What a wonderful post! Happy Birthday, Social Animal!

Churlita said...

He sounds like my youngest daughter. They are so mischievous but also so charming that they somehow get away with stuff. Happy birthday to your social animal!

laura b. said...

MiniJonB: Thanks Ren! Or was that Stimpy.... Either way, thanks :-)

Evil-E: Excellent! If Social Animal becomes a man like you, I wouldn't complain.

AlienCG: He really is a rather charmed kid :-) Thank you.

Tara: It's all from the heart. Thanks :-)

Churlita: That's right exactly. He does so much well that he can easily finesse his way out of little bits of trouble. These two must never meet. haha!

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

laura b. said...

Mrs.: Thank you :-)