Monday, June 30, 2008

Me and Other Nerds From Everywhere

Anaheim Convention Center

Saturday I spent my work day at what is basically a sort of Nerd Convention. It was actually the American Libraries Association Annual Convention, but you know... Imagine Librarians, library students, and random library employees from all over the country gathered together to teach and learn and celebrate! Since this year's was so close by, my employers were willing to spring for those of us who wanted to attend for a one day pass, all expenses paid. I couldn't pass it up. It really did turn out to be a fun day. I was able to attend three seminars and spend some time collecting freebies from the many, many, many vendors booths. I met school librarians, academic librarians, special collections librarians, public librarians from all over the country. I also ran into local people and it is always surprising how many of them I know, or who know someone I work with...I guess the library world is small that way. I had lunch with a girl I used to work with, who just returned from her wedding and honeymoon in Italy.

Some people come for the week and make it a whole vacation. Anaheim is a nice location because Disneyland is right there. I, of course, just drove down for the day and went right back home, just like a normal workday. I definitely beat actually being at work though!

I wish I would have taken some pictures while I was there, but of course I didn't. Anyway, it is probably hard to imagine, but it really was fun...and I am proud to be a nerd like that :-)


Anonymous said...

A nerd? Goodness not at all! It sounds to like the outing you needed. Meeting and greeting, learning and having fun at the vendors! Sounds like a great day out to me!
Honeymoon is Italy! How romantic and how lucky your friend is. When we go to Croatia soon, apparantly Venice is a no distance at all so we will jumping on a boat and seeing the romance first hand!
I for one enjoyed hearing about the Libraries Convention!

evil-e said...

You did not take pictures because there was to be no photography of any sort if you attended the "after-hours" activities. I know there was debauchery of some sort going on under the veil of nerd-dom...don't deny it.

Hope it was fun. Being amongst your professional piers, sharing the same "work speak", swapping tales (I'm sure) and having something in common with almost everybody is always good.

I have yet to hit a payroll professionals event, but I am sure they are riots.

Tara said...

That is awesome that you had a day to go there! Who can resist freebies?

At first glance, I thought that convention center was your library!

laura b. said...

Daffy: I did have a good time.
Yes, my friend is one of those fancy brides who had a "destination" wedding. I hope you enjoy your vacation in Croatia and surrounding areas very much.

Evil-E: We must not speak of what librarians do after hours. haha! There is something very comforting and exciting in meeting with so many like minded people. I'll bet a payroll professionals event would be scary raucous.

Tara: It really was a nice perk. I know of some libraries that actually do look a bit like that...but not mine :-)

Churlita said...

A friend of mine was there from Iowa. She just finished getting her MLS. I'm sure she'll tell me all about it when she gets back.

MrManuel said...

Back when I was teaching, the California Teacher's Convention was in town and I went to it. It was also fun because of all the neat freebies they were giving out. I love free stuff.

laura b. said...

Churlita: Very cool. Maybe she even managed to get some pictures :-)

MrManuel: Free stuff is awesome. And wasn't it interesting meeting all those educators?

Dinah said...

I am so jealous! I was planning on going to the Canadian Library Association convention in Vancouver in May, but that fell through...maybe next year, when I'll actually be an actual librarian! I'm so glad you had a good time.