Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dance It Out

The elementary school my children have attended has traditionally had a Dance Festival each year in late May or early June. I have attended a Dance Festival every year for the past 18 years...and today I attended my last one. I have four boys and this little celebration was my only chance to see them actually dance! My daughter, being a Girlie Girl, has always enjoyed dancing, but my boys, being sort of stereotypical boys...not so much. It is quite cute. Year after year, each grade has performed their own particular dance and I have enjoyed it so much. Maybe I will be all creepy and continue stopping by each year for the Dance Festival. haha! Well, probably not.

Here is how it goes:

Kindergarten: Mexican Hat Dance / Macarena
First Grade: Scottish Jig Dance
Second Grade: River Dance
Third Grade: Sock Hop 50's style Dance
Fourth Grade: Square Dance
Fifth Grade: Line Dances (Boot Scoot Boogie & Electric Slide)

For the grand finale everyone gets up and does the Chicken Dance together.

Here is a picture of Handsome Lad right after he finished his dance. I didn't get a good shot of him actually dancing, as he was very much in the middle of the pack and he's not particualarly tall. I could barely see him, let alone photograph him clearly. Still, he was cute, of course :-)

Here is a bonus picture. It isn't Handsome Lad, although there is a resemblence. This little boy is in fourth grade, he has a twin, and he and his brother are on a popular evening soap about housewives who are desperate. Recognize him?
I have no idea which twin he is - haha! They seem to be very nice boys, though, and have gone to this school since they were in Kindergarten. I just think it is kind of cool that their parents keep them in public school.

And now I have immortalized my last Dance Festival. You can turn the music back up.


evil-e said...

he is a normal boy who does not prefer to dance. I would have been hiding in the middle of the pack and lying low as well.

That would be kind of creepy to continue to go well after the kids are gone...I am sure there are some though

AlienCG said...

I'm not a dancer either. I would probably do anything to keep from participating. Don't turn creepy, find something else to occupy your time.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

Thats too bad that its yer last one.. I wouldn't try the creepy stuff though.. Maybe you can find something else to do with the boys...I recognize that boy.. I can't remember their names though..

laura b. said...

Evil-E: You're right, I'm sure he will never dance again...maybe at his own wedding or something :-)

AlienCG: I will make a sincere attempt not to turn creepy. Maybe I could just keep my day job instead.

MrsHW: Maybe some non-dancey activity, for sure. And on the bright side, there are the two grandkids and counting! Surely they will dance at some point :-)

Tara said...

Aww, I'm jealous, I would've loved to have a dance festival when I went to elementary school! A Scottish/Irish jig sounds like so much fun. Around junior high and high school, the teachers had square dancing on the brain. A fun dance, but not with mean boys.

Churlita said...

No one loves a dance festival more than me. Great pic of the handsome lad.

Sally Field's grand daughter went to my kids' school for a year. It was always so cool to see her at all the events. She was so nice and gracious.

laura b. said...

Tara: The jig is very cute and they even get an actual bagpipe player from the high school band to come pipe them in.
Of course we have a bagpipe in the high school band, because we are the Tartans! A frightening piece of plaid cloth is our mascot! Although the actual mascots dress up as scottie dogs wearing tartan... And now you know all the most important things about living in Glendora.

Churlita: Thanks :-)
I would love to see Sally Field in person. She does seem like she'd be sweet.