Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Bit Muggy In Here

A couple of days ago, superstar blogger Daffy invited me to show her my mugs! How could I NOT? I love showing stuff and my mugs are tres cool.

My. Mugs.

I call this baby Big is for my big cups of black coffee. Disturbingly, I think I see a reflection of myself taking this picture on the side of the mug. Yikes.

This here cup has a cup pictured on it! Never be confused about what you are looking at again with visuals such as this...

Cool, classic stripes accent this medium sized mug. A fine, hardworking member of the crew.

This is my work mug. Enough said. haha!

This mug is small, but mighty. I love the cute little picture of some fuzzy animal displaying a pretty purple eggplant. It says "healthy vegetable" and the eggplant is labled as such, in case you get confused. It makes me feel healthy even when I am drinking creamed and sweetened coffee.

And here is the baby of the bunch. It is really more decorative than useful, like so many family babies. (kidding, all you babies!) But isn't it cutie cute?

Do you like my mugs? If you want to, you can show me your mugs too. But only if you want to. I would never view your mugs by force. You have to want it as much as me. Promise me you'll think about it, okay? Okay.


evil-e said...

So you have a mug for every coffee drinking occasion. I have my share of them as well...I have no idea how I amassed them, but I have multitude of mugs.

I have "old orange" (dollar store find)
The "ghost hunt" mug (gift from Tara)
The Simpsons mug
The WWE mug
My American Flag mug
My Eric mug from Florida at Renee's place
The Renee gave it to me brown mug
and many more.....

minijonb said...

i thought maybe you named Big Black after the rock band from Chicago, but that would be if i had named it =:-)

Anonymous said...

Wow what a wonderful plethora of mugs you have my dear... I am loving big black!
The little cute pink one is rather nice but sadly a mouthful of coffee cup is no good to me!
Who would have thought of having an egg plant mug! Genius!

Tara said...

Great mug shots! :)

I really love that second mug you have there with the green and black and the coffee cup on the front. Very stylish. Also love the colors in the third mug.

laura b. said...

Evil-E: That is an impressive collection! It is always nice to have gift mugs.

MiniJonB: I am going to make an all mug show starring my Big Black, as Big Black Boykin...and the tiny pink one can take the role of Rob Dyrdek...Mugs: Rob & Big. On M(ug)TV.

Daffy: Thank you for admiring my mugs! I am quite proud of them, so thanks for the opportunity to make them famous :-)

Tara: Those two are a couple of hipsters, aren't they!